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I’ve dropped the ball on this, but today I spent over an hour working on my file cabinet, using colored folders to help organize the different categories: home bills, credit card bills, automobiles, etc.

Looks much better! :) Still need a few other colored folders, but it’s looking good.

Now if the rest of the office could look like that. :P 2 years ago

whindowningThis is so embarrassing. I must fix it.

I’m borrowing sjsuphilly ’s idea and posting a photo of my horrible office space to embarrass myself into doing something about it.

Holy god. Where is anything? I don’t even know. I started a huge room cleaning/organizing jag earlier this month, but the last thing to do (and the most ignored thing) is to organize my home office. Really. It’s horrible. HORRIBLE. Besides the stacks of crap, the file cabinets are full of loose paper and so is the Brooks Brothers bag. I’m a wreck- how will I ever do my taxes, much less live with myself?

I’m going to try setting a day to just beat the living crap out of this desk. I’ll drink a pot of coffee and take an Adderall. I will allow myself smoke breaks. But this is all getting organized. Atrocious. 3 years ago

KimberlyA little bit at a time

I decided that my first step in organizing this office has to be getting all the boxes taken care of. So I added unpacking one box each day to my to do list for the next week (and, actually getting all the stuff inside put AWAY where it is supposed to be). Getting those boxes out of the way will make it MUCH easier to organize the rest, especially since one stack is completely blocking one of my file cabinets.

One box is already done, and I’ve been on a cleaning roll today. I might actually be heading in the right direction by the end of the day! 3 years ago

KimberlyOffice or Storage?

Besides the desk and bookshelves, my home office has started to look like my storage space. There are still seven or eight unpacked boxes stacked up in there from my last move (a year and a half ago!) and when I have company, this is the room I tend to shove things into to open up space elsewhere.

I’m out of town for the holidays. Before I left, I actually spent an hour cleaning and straightening up. However, there are still a few hours of unpacking and organizing to do. I’d love to have this accomplished in the next week or so, before my work and classes pick up and start keeping me busy. 3 years ago

letterboxerOk this is less of a sprint and more of a marathon

Didn’t quite get it all done in three days as I was hoping. Such lofty expectations dashed!!! But I am definitely making progress!! 3 years ago

letterboxerNew office renewing this goal

I just moved half of my office to the lake house and I’m sitting in my the space amongst all the stuff trying to decide where to put my desk. While I’m catching my breath from lugging the stuff up the stairs, I decided to rekindle this goal. Hoping to do it in 3 stages and have it done by the end of the week!! Ready, set, GO!! 3 years ago

sjsuphillyNo photo yet.

It’s even worse than it was. I did clear out some stuff, but then I decided to move all the stuff out to paint it. I still have one more wall to paint and then I’ll start putting things where I want them. I’m thinking I’m another week or so from completing anything remotely close to photo worthy.

Why? Because I took a dumba** pill and actually got the bright idea to “refresh” other areas in the house with the paint I “thought” was the same color. It was…but a different finish. Now, I have splotches of the wrong paint in the hallway, the dining room and the entryway. Fabulous. So, I think I have to do that before I get back to my office. At least I’ll have “refreshed” walls in the house in multiple rooms, not just the office. Right? Right! 3 years ago

sjsuphillyI'm thinking the only way to do this is to....

put it on this list. It’s not necessarily a fun “thing” to do, but it will make me feel SOOO much better if I get it done. Maybe I can embarrass myself into doing this by posting public photos. HAHA.

Here’s a photo of what it currently looks like. Keep in mind I had to move stuff around because I just had a yard sale, so I put tons of stuff on the floor in order to use the table.

It’s pretty bad. I’ll try to post a photo after I work on the office for an hour today…and then maybe once a week from then on. 3 years ago


I did it. It looks awesome too! I actually love being in here now so that should increase my productivity. It’s divided into two sections… my work side and my music/creative side… kinda like my brain : )

So glad to have accomplished this and excited to mark it DONE! 4 years ago

Theskysthelimit1976Let's Get Started

Things to organize, re-organize and eliminate:

1) Hanging File Folder Holders 3 2 down one to go
2) 2 Desk Trays
3) 2 Computer bags
4) Photo Box
5) Remembrance Box
6) Office Tools Box
7) Make Expense Record/Receipt Keeping System
8) Metal Desk Tray
9) Book holder

To Clean:

1) Dust and Wipe Down Surfaces.

To change:

1) Turn Desk Facing Opposite Way
2) Hang Lamps
3) Arrange Writing/Music Area as to invite : )
4) Buy proper bulbs for lamps4 years ago

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