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zyshanI wnat to do PHD

I want to do PhD in Management,Business or Economics…. 5 years ago


There is a subject for which I have developed some real enthusiasm over the past years, and which I would really regret not to put my thoughts out there for everyone to read and know. Let’s hope I find a grad school or professor for this soon

Edit: I mastered the first challenge and found a professor. Let’s see how it’s going to continue. 5 years ago


I am grateful for my PhD

All my entries will be with gratitude for … I believe in the power of NOW and the law of attraction. 5 years ago


lk;opmi;pi;oim;ljkmn;lkj nm;lkj ; 5 years ago


I can understand rather complex and abstract things. I love to put them in simpler language or sketches even metaphors or parables to make people understand them . I think the fullest of my potential would be exploited if I can get to become a college Professor. 5 years ago

missy_jMedical Sciences

I want to do a PhD, just have to get my marks up by the end of the year =/ 6 years ago

abinash77conccurent object oriented technology

i want to do a phd in computer science 6 years ago


I want to start my PHD for a long time. I need motivation, time and a peace of mind to think clear what exactly I want to study and figure out where to start. I am working full-time and want to study a part-time PhD. I prefer to take a non-residential PhD in USA but I am not sure if there is any. 6 years ago


Mistake 6 years ago


under 2 hours 6 years ago

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