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MistyWarriorPrincessYankee Candles

I put in my two weeks at the hotel I was working at before and yesterday I was just offered a part time job at Yankee Candles. I’ll be working less hours but at least it’s flexible so I can possibly get a second job as well. I’m so happy to quit housekeeping. 2 weeks ago

AmandaFirst Day...


It was sooooo weird driving to my new job this morning, instead of where I’ve been going for the past 2 1/2 years. And it’s funny because now I feel so out of the loop from what is going on where I used to work, I actually texted my old co-workers to see how the day was. And I feel really out of the loop at the new job. UGHHH I hate the 1st month of awkwardness when learning a new job, and feeling useless at it…blah. Wish me luck! :) 2 weeks ago


Bittersweet… Sad to leave certain aspects of my job but excited to start a new endeavor! :) 1 month ago

vvviiiccckkkyyyQuit the paper-round

Need more sleep and wages are too small 3 months ago

StephenI got the job!

I got the offer letter for the Senior Systems Engineer position today with all my conditions met and I was just so happy I could nearly fly. Everything is set now for me to leave my present company and get involved with a cutting edge technology product which is what the new job is all about. I turned in my resignation letter for my current position and I just have a couple of more weeks before I start my new position. 5 months ago

StephenIt's Happening

I found out today that I passed the selection process at my company and only need to take a physical to get the supervisory position which changes me from a technical position to an operations position. I also know that another company will most likely make me an offer as well, however I don’t know when. (I will follow up with them in the next few days.)

I know that I will get a raise if I change companies, but the supervisory position will not come with a raise for the 1st 2 years I am in that position. It’s a hard choice to leave a comfortable routine for something more chaotic and unstable, but I know it is the right decision for me. The picture is the perfect representation of the life that lies before me. 5 months ago

StephenJob Jinx

Music to listen to while you read:

No job offer is on the table yet, but had an interview last week for 1 position and took an exam yesterday for another position although that almost did not happen…

For the supervisory position there is a qualification test that I was scheduled for at 8 am in the morning. Due to night testing at work, I had to work till 4 am in the morning leaving me about 90 minutes to nap before needing to get ready and go. So I woke up and got dressed and was planning on resting on the bus to downtown which is about a 1 hour trip. I parked my car in the area which had street sweeping from 5:30am to 6:30 am and thought I was ok because it was 6:25 am. But just as the bus was coming, the street sweeper was right in front of it and I had to move my car to avoid a $100 ticket. Sooo, being unable to find another bus leaving later, I ended up driving all the way downtown without a carpool which meant it was already 8:10am when I arrived and I was late for the test and was on the verge of just giving up. Luckily, there were 2 others also late, so they allowed us to join the test in progress, but we still only had only the remaining time (1hour 40 minutes) to complete it. The test had a lot of questions relating to management practices and reading comprehension on it as well as 2 essay questions. I was on the last sentence of the 2nd essay when time ran out, and I think I did well on the exam, but the proof is if I make it to the interview group of course.

My worry here is if I get an offer from 1 position while still being considered for the other position, but I would rather have that problem than not being considered for either position, so there! 6 months ago

StephenMore jobs - More opportunities

Even through I didn’t get either of the last 2 positions, I have learned my weaknesses through the interviews I had and will be more prepared for the next ones. Two more jobs are available now and those companies are currently reviewing my job history and experience. I guess I will find out soon if I will have another interview in the works. 7 months ago

StephenJob Interview - Los Angeles

Two months have gone by and I hadn’t heard a word out of Seattle even after leaving voice messages and email as well. I thought this was rather strange for a decent sized workplace, but then again I deal in strange sometimes and I once waited 5 months between interview and offer once before.

So just yesterday afternoon I got another email notifying me I will be interviewing to for the job in Los Angeles I applied for at the same time as Seattle. I will be better prepared for this interview so that will be good, and the salary for the position is not-negotiable, but higher than the salaries of the other positions that I have been applying for. I am smiling that I will have the opportunity to get this job! 9 months ago


I am currently only working part time at a small company and need a full time job so that I can pay off debt and put money into savings that I won’t have to “dip” into to pay bills. 9 months ago

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