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see Coldplay in concert

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I fell in love with Coldplay immediately and that was a few years ago when I was still in high school. Listening to their music always makes me feel better, it’s almost indescribable. 5 years ago

ac0usticstarDo immediately.

I have seen them twice in the last 2 years. Both experiences were nothing less than amazing. 7 years ago

kkedssSo incredibly cool

So coldplay is basically one of my all time favorites as far as bands go. They can make me sad, happy, triumphant, or all three at the same time! Chris Martin’s voice is to die for, and I’d love to see them live. 7 years ago


Elton John featured on Yellow, no less… :) i’d do it again! 7 years ago


Best concert ever :-) 7 years ago

duhkneezmarch 22, 2006

march 22, 2006 at the air canada centre in toronto—section 101, row f, seats 1-3 :) with riel and jed. WORTH THE WAIT! 8 years ago

skigirl227At the Saenger Theatre

It was in 2003. 8 years ago

ladymadelineI love Chris Martin :o)

They are coming to town soon, I am hoping to go!! I really, really want to go! :o) 8 years ago


After a very close hit (but a very sorry miss) from seeing them at HFStival, I knew I had to see Coldplay when they came to Nissan Pavillion, no matter what the cost. Even from the lawn, I could tell that the acoustics were just perfect and the band was dead-on. Fantastic. 8 years ago


Friday, September 30th. I’m actually going to do this, and my freshman college roommate is joining me. Or else. 8 years ago


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