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stop washing my hair


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BeeGoldie Mouldy locks

Ok so I’m definitely not a Vegan, no disrespect to those who are, but when you grow up with a 100% Irish heritage in a small Irish town, it’s not something that is likely to happen.

I have been extremely sick the last few weeks between working too much and not taking care of myself enough paired with the fact that the child I am minding was quite sick also.

So all of this has meant that I have not been washing my hair quite as regularly as I would usually (usually every other day)

My hair is coarse, extremely difficult to brush and unmanageable at the best of times so i figure that I have nothing to lose on this journey of sorts.

So far it has been one week, which is nothing when compared to the hard core natural oil adherents but for me it’s a big deal for a few reasons.

I like to take care of my appearance and being a grease bucket does not appeal to me but as of yet my scalp is dry as is my hair. This is possibly partially due to the fact that I am sick.

I love spoiling myself- although I do not have a large income I spend most of my money( foolishly) treating myself to ew harcare and body care products/ cosmetics.

lastly I am my own person I do not like to put a tag or nae onto who or what I am as my beliefs are in some ways controversial and in other ways completely contradictory but thus is the nature of existence(my existence anyway!!)

So therefore I will give myself another week or so at this goa with plain water washes in the mean time. Although it is a very short time goal I thought I would share it with you 43 things users in the hope that I might find some like- minded people!!

Wish me luck (and healthier, shinier hair) 2 years ago

user9705I'm about half way there

Well it’s more am doing than want to do, it’s been just over two weeks since I last washed my hair. It’s pretty greasy at the moment, like if I rub my scalp my hand turns shiny and slimy it’s gross, so that’s a bit of a problem but ive been told it goes away so that’s good!:) me and my sister are both doing it and we like to talk and compare what’s happening with our hair. I’m wearing my hair up until the greasiness goes away, which I highly suggest to anyone who does it. 2 years ago


I had some all natural shampoo with only like 5 ingredients, so I wasn’t too dependent on it. I just shampooed less and less. 3 years ago

Lone_DuckOpinions anyone?

I havn’t been washing my hair every day because i honestly havn’t had the time! But after hearing in a magazine about stars not washing their hair for months on end to get beautiful, soft, shiny, hair…i’ve decided i’d give it a try! I’ve been using a dry shampoo or baby powder to absorb some of the greasy looking roots…and can anyone weigh in on the end results of just washing your hair with cold water, washing with warm water, and not letting it touch water at all? So far it’s been three days! :) I’ll see how my first week goes here. :) 3 years ago

TakingPeople9 1/2 months

9 1/2 months and still going =] My hair is starting to get greasy at the top, but goes away if I rinse it thoroughly with very cold water. I find that it helps to eat really well also, this way you will produce less oil. Especially during the cold months when cold showers seem impossible. I haven’t been eating very well lately, so hence the slight grease! ick! Also it’s been cold and cold showers are very hard to take!! I’ll start eating better and see what happens. Raw fruit and veg.

did I mention that my very bad dandruff is completely gone?
Take care! 4 years ago


Week 4, I believe.My best friend has tried this before she says she supports me but it’s not for her. I have a friend thinking about joining me. My boyfriend is supportive, though he teases. My family is threatening to tell my grandparents on me, but they haven’t noticed anything different! I have been told that my hair looks no greasier than when I washed it regularly! I find that brushing with a soft bristle brush, especially boar, helps with the oil spreading. I’m happier with my hair, it’s less frizzy and cheaper. :)
College in a few weeks! I figured that this would be a great time to try this.

My photo was taken yesterday… 4 weeks of no shampoo or anything but water… Not bad, eh? 4 years ago

EchiyonaJust started this a week and a half ago

I have short curly hair that tends to frizz, especially when I have to wash it at home with hard water. (no matter how much conditioner used, except for that expensive stuff at Sally’s just for hard water)

About 2 weeks ago I saw mention of going no shampoo/conditoner on a message board and decided to try it.

I rinse every day or every other day in water. Before I do I spritz it with a spray bottle diluted white vinegar half and half with water. Let it sit for a minute or the time it takes me to get my shower stuff together and rinse it out.

So far it doesn’t feel greasy, looks soft and shiny, (have gotten compliments on it) and actually curls into ringlets instead of frizzing out. This is inspite of still using well water (hard) and blow drying (the cool or slightly warm setting, not the hottest one)

I’ve only started, will see how it goes…. happy with results so far 4 years ago

blooop153 weeks in today.

I have pretty greasy hair normally. I would have to wash my hair every day or look like a greaseball. I found out recently that my dad has been water only for over 6 years now and one of my flatmates tried it for 3 weeks last year but gave up once he went home for holidays. I have wanted to do this for a while because I think it’s cool, but when I tried it I gave up after 1 day as it was completely ridiculously greasy/waxy/superglue. I shaved my head at the beginning of the year and noticed how I needed to wash my hair less than normal (every 2 days). I decided I wanted to fully try water only and shaved my head 3 weeks ago. I have not had any problems so far and the transition has been completely painless. I think it would be impossible for anyone to tell that I was even doing this. I am looking forward to see what it is like when I have long hair again. 4 years ago

brillositoit's been around 2 weeks

Last time I did this i stopped washing my hair for around 2 months. and towards the end of that period it looked so beautiful and healthy and soft. I wanted to try this again, so here I am two weeks into it and my hair smells really bad and there’s a lot of dandruff, I’m hoping that will go away in the following week. 4 years ago

TimmmaaayHair, grease, scientific enquiry and the price of shampoo

I’ve heard more and more about not washing one’s hair with any kind of soap, so I’m working my way towards the end of a week-long trial of this right now. My hair is feeling greasy, but better and more manageable.

The one thing that I’ve been told that noone’s mentioned and seems vital to my hair is to brush and comb it regularly to spread the natural oils up to the tips. My job for tomorrow is buy a comb – it’ll be the first time i will actually be able to comb my hair for maybe 4 years. It knots massively, even when i’m asleep but the not washing it thing is reducing that massively.

I’m also only 4 minutes in the shower, and am using less resources :) 5 years ago

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