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figure out if i'm pregnant...?


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ilovehim_89Please help me im scared

im 16 years old me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time 2 firdays ago. At first he did the pull out method and then he put a condom on ive been gettig sings of pregnacy but ive took 9 pregnacy test and they all were negitive i went to the doctor but they said it was two early to ditect im scared i have no one to go to i don’t no what im going to do. im really scared i don’t no when my next period is but i no i do miss alot of period i miss like 4 a year im just need some help please:( 4 years ago


im 14 and i might bee pregant i had unprotected sex im soo scared i don’t know weather to tell the dad was meeting his best mate at the time and i been sick for the past thew days now and i against obortions and i live in a 3 bedroom house with my 3 brothers and 2 sisters and mum and dad we are already over crouded and it would kill my dad caz im his youngst little girl im sooo scared …. 4 years ago


i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend about 2 months ago for up until august 14th. i started having small amounts of blood and then a couple of days later i had a very thick dark discharge or blood i dont know which it was? and it was gone. i have not had my period yet..and recently i have taken 2 preg. test and they both show negative. i have noticed eating alot and using the restroom more often. someone help me to figure this out 4 years ago

cnf1025please help!

Okay, I’m 16 years old. I have endometriosis and I take my birth control continuously (i don’t take the placebo week, I just move to the next pack). I haven’t had a period since March. About a month ago my boyfriend and I started having sex without a condom but used the withdrawal method. About two weeks ago I started getting a brown discharge, could this just be from the lack of periods? Or could I be pregnant? Also, just today we had sex but we’re not sure if he pulled out soon enough, could I be/get pregnant?? 4 years ago


Ithink i might be pregnant i am 7 days late for my period and recently i have been extra moody and sensitive the smallest thing makes me cry and i get the hump all the time over nothing my temperature has been high i have sickness throughout the day and serious back ache right at the bottom.
does this sound like i could be pregnant? i took a test yesterday and it was negative? 4 years ago

isrealalldayI THINK IM PREGNANT?

i think i might be pregnant,me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex multiple times last week nd the week before.i started getting this brown discharge and my mom told me that happend to her when she was aving like this really dark brownish period type thing? i been getting hives or itching on the palms of my hands and the bottom of my feet sometimes spreading to my arms and thighs i looked up and it said that can be a sign of pregnancy ive been kind of tired.and feeling wierd i dont have an appitite anymore nd ive been craving wierd things? not to mention when we had sex he ejaculated in me multiple times? am i pregnant? 4 years ago


so i started birth control about a month ago and i started having unprotected sex right away. i was suppose to get my period about 2 weeks ago and i havent! my breast are also swollen and sore and my back hurts i also have headaches. I took two pregnancy tests both came back neg! what should i do? do u think im pregnant? 4 years ago

MrsBeirmanPleaase help. :)

Me and my fiance have recently stopped using condoms and stopped using the pull out method. We started this on Friday, August 13th, the last day of my period. And for about a week we did it approximately 3 times a day everyday that week. Its not close to time for me to start my period and i was wondering if taking a pregnancy test now would give me a false negative and what the chances are of me actually being pregnant. 4 years ago


I havent been on for 2 months and i was worried if i was pregnant. i have taken 4 home tests all come out negative, so i went to the local clinic near my home and i took one there two aswell as that it was negative. so i went to the doctors who said i need to take two more and i did and they was negative he told me to come back if they was and so i did and he wants to send me for a scan at the hospital but that was two weeks ago and i havent heard anything back.

i have all of the symptoms of being pregnant but i am not sure in myself that i am.

i think it would have come out now that i have taken 7 tests. one of my friends has a six year old son and when she thought she was pregnant she took a test and done about 3 time all came out negative like mine and she told me that it didnt show up untill she was 4 months gone. it was something to do with the hormone levels in your wee.

do you think i should just go up to the hospital and ask for a blood test to be done beacuse i am become stressed i am only 19 years old and i would like to know because then i can get on with having a baby or just go back to uni

i need some help please. 4 years ago


i am a month late on my period (skipped a period) and the at home test came out negative. Should i still go to the doctor for a blood test and/or exam to know for certain if i am pregnant or not? I posted an entry last night but went to the store today and got a test. I have many of the symptoms of pregnancy. so far all but 1. What do i do? 4 years ago

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