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finish cleaning out my itunes library

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I had made it most of the way through this goal… and then my computer died. I had to upload all of my old music onto my new laptop from my external hard drive and so now I’m back at square one. 4 years ago

indyelmo0902dang computers

well i was almost done with this goal… and then the motherboard on my computer fried and i had to reload all of my music on my computer… so i started again… hopefully ill make it through this time ^^ 5 years ago

indyelmo0902i was so close!!!

i had almost all of my music managed and my motherboard on my laptop decided to fry itsself. so when it gets fixed i am back at square one… sad face!!! 5 years ago


i am finally almost 75% done with this one! i got my library under 4,000 songs which is cool. 6 years ago


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