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reach 5 million tokens on pogo

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Now if i could only stop buying mini items. 2 years ago


267,355 as of today. 3 years ago


227,959 as of today. I got on this afternoon and what really bugs me is someone actually harrased me about my token score. I wasnt even chating today. The nerve of some people to send dumb messages to others. Why? You dont know me and most importantly why do you care?! Blah, had to let off the steam. 3 years ago


Of course I had to buy the new halloween stuff with my tokens. That set me back. Oh well. 3 years ago

browniexfrownieMoving on up :)

218,442 is my current count. Its taking forever, but thats fine. I keep meeting new peps everytime I hope on. Its getting to be more fun with every visit. Had an awsome streak on monopoly slots. won 10,500 tokens plus a badge! All on one spin :) 3 years ago

browniexfrownieJust started

Im at 179,947. It would be awsome to do. Plus I get to meet all kinds of people along the way. My screen name on pogo is jmryburn, you can look me up and we can play to the 5 mill together :). 3 years ago

sassyattitudetoken millionare

i would be in hog heaven if i got that many tokens please let me be bless with them thank you very much 4 years ago

hollymoose78token update

I am now at 4,455,468… long way to go still 5 years ago

hollymoose78pogo progress

now I have 4,437,554. 5 years ago


now I have 4,424,992 and I’d like to get to 4,500,000 by end of vacation. 6 years ago

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