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CassiemcgruberMy penpal forgot about me :(

I got a vegan penpal and we wrote a few letters back and forth but she hasnt written me in a looong time. I think i need a new one! 2 years ago


I’ve added myself on a penpal-site, and I’ve come in contact with a nice possible penpal.

I won’t consider this goal fulfilled until we either sent 10 full-long mail or still have good contact after Christmas. 2 years ago

cyeb44hi~i'm chuchu

i’m a college girl in china.i wish to be penfriend with you~~ 3 years ago

Silent_GConfession of a cynical girl

This is Vivienne. The whole idea of getting a real friend on the internet is kinda stupid, but I am still willing to give it a shot.
First of all, I am a chinese, so do stay clear if you are an evil racist.Save the sick jokes about tiny asians to yourselves.

I may sound a little bit of cynical,but I am a super good listener,and I really need an american to teach my stuff about life in american because I am about to go there to study.

So,after reading a whole sack of crap you are still willing to be my penpal, do e-mail me :) 3 years ago


My name is Candice from China.Hope to find native English speaker to exchange language.We can learn each other~ 3 years ago

ZhongwenE-mail Keypals wante

I am looking forward to some guys to make friends.if u want to know somthing about my country. I am glad to tell u what i know. 3 years ago


It would be so cool! Like someone from another country so you can compare cultures or something! 3 years ago


Hellow, everyone 3 years ago


My name is Katrin and i would be intrested to have a pen pal of age 10 – 13.Im 11 years oldand im in 5th class.Oh and my email is katrinixi@email.ee 3 years ago


i will look into penpal party, and any others i can find.
i will keep you updated! 3 years ago

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