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learn french

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zentropia9French study group

Create a French study group that meets in people’s homes. 2 days ago

purplechameleonI get it!

The past few weeks I’ve been making an effort in public to use French when the opportunity arises. I know more than I thought I just need to practice. 1 week ago


Study daily 1 week ago

jaded_chicaBasic French

Found an awesome website – memrise – and it’s been on and off but as of today am at Level 3 of 24. Am quite happy with this site but I think my pronounciation is quite off. :P 2 weeks ago

germanderPassive learning

I’m focusing on listening to podcasts in French, as well as French news, to reduce anxiety over learning, to train my ear for the language, and because I think it will work! No books for now. 4 weeks ago

Paper AirplaneUntitled


A theater friend of mine is also a retired French teacher. She’s offered to teach me. 1 month ago

everydayemilyWorking on it

J’ai complétédeux cours de français à mon université! Je ne parle pas très bien mais je vais continuer a pratiquer! 1 month ago


Taking baby steps by working with an app on my phone. First goal is to play with it every day. 1 month ago

nopurplestuffOn my way

I just spent 2 weeks travelling with 3 French people (in the USA)and it has motivated me to begin learning French. They kept repeating the same words over and over, and I began to understand what they were saying. I started studying “survival” phrases and the simple stuff such as numbers and days of the week. I live with a French person so I have plenty of opportunity to practice. 2 months ago

Kesa Desi-RayAlmost done with first course!

I’ve been practicing almost every free moment I get. Most of what I know is pretty basic. I don’t understand most of what’s being said but I can tell someone what color a bear is and what I like to eat.

I don’t know in what situations those would be helpful but I’m OK with that.

The rest of the time I’m listening to a lot of French music or occasionally subtitled French comedies. 2 months ago

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