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http://agachary.fancash.clicksurecpa.com 1 week ago

seakissmsg in a bottle -- sounds fun :-)

There’s a river nearby and so I think I will throw it in there. In the bottle I am going to write:
”’A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.’
- William G.T. Shed”
It’s very simple and it’s not my message but I feel very close to it and love it so I want to share. Besides, how fitting a quote! :) 3 months ago


i had the opportunity to buy a message in a bottle kit whilst on hols in lanzarote… i really wanted to fulfill my desire but as it was plastic i considered it would be littering the ocean. so until i find a small glass bottle (that would break down over time and become one with sand) i will put this wish on the back burner. 6 months ago

MinLynnOld Timey

I would love to do this with my boyfriend if we ever take a trip together to the ocean <3 7 months ago

Alixthis actually belongs to...

my “be more spontaneous” list!

it’s here: http://www.43things.com/things/view/6665/be-more-spontaneous 7 months ago

billydeeukProof this works...

I’ve found a series of inspirational examples from newspapers about messages in bottles being found – sometimes decades after they were sent – with people responding to the sender.

“British schoolkids’ message in a bottle found by Czech boy who learns English to send them a reply”

“Facebook user replies to message in a bottle – 30 years after it was sent”

“Message in a bottle found after 97 years sets new world record”

“Message in a bottle returned to owners family after 76-years”

And, finally, my personal favourite:
“Ashes-in-a-bottle widow grants husband’s wish to see the world”
http://metro.co.uk/2013/08/01/gordon-smith-ashes-in-a-bottle-widow-lets-husband-see-the-world-3908582/ 7 months ago

AlixI have seen an inspirational video about this

There is a “message in a bottle” vodeo out there (via the teabutterfly blog on google’s blogger) about this!

this is def on my mighty life list! 7 months ago

PixielishWe did it!

Here they are, our bottled messages which we threw out in Tromso, Norway. :D 9 months ago

billydeeukHave my bottle, now just need the message

I washed out an old cider bottle yesterday. It’s glass and the cap was still in good condition (but I’ll reinforce it with superglue when the time comes to send my message)

Now, though, I’m wondering what the message should be? Should it be about me and asking the finder to get in touch? Or should I write something a bit more inspired?

What did everyone else do? 10 months ago

molliemoonlightI wonder if you can do this virtually,

if there is an internet sit sends out a message into the ether. 10 months ago

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