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Eat a veggie burger

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Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous SufficiencyAwhile

I haven’t eaten a veggie burger in awhile, but they tasted okay when I did. 5 years ago


ive done this im a vegetarian 5 years ago


I’ve never tried one … I figure it’ll make me feel better about myself and what I eat though. :] 5 years ago

wdm88Need to get on this!!

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 11, and have NEVER had one!! They gross me out because they look exactly like the real thing. But I need to try one. 5 years ago

_Belle_I'm eating one RIGHT NOW!

yummmmmm…. veggie burgers…....

got a whole box of ‘em in the freezer…

:o) 5 years ago


I’ve made them, ordered them in restaurants, barbequed them and I’ll never tire of them. 6 years ago


yum. tastes almost the same to me! 6 years ago


Veggies burgers are pretty good. 6 years ago

Killingmoonbetter than the real thing!!!

yeah I said it…lol….not a fan of beef. 6 years ago


I love the Boca burgers, grilled they are sooooo good! Eat them with cheese and mustard and all that good stuff, especially at first.
I am a vegetarian so I guess I am used to the stuff, but I must say better and healthier alernative! 7 years ago

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