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staterkaFound one!

http://www.Squarespace.com was my choice in the end because it allowed me to create a whole website including a blog rather than just a blog. And it’s just as easy to update the website as it is to update the blog. It’s just great! 8 years ago


Well I’ve deceided I’m just going to use my stumbleupon blog as my blog. It’s easy, it’s free, I’m already using it all the time, it brings together people in a great way, and it’s easy. Now I just have to start making entries other than cool pictures and websites.

Thanks for the ideas.

The thing is you have to be using Mozilla Firefox to really use stumble to it’s best advantage. 8 years ago


I’m looking for a good blog host. One that connects people and has a good interface. I know a lot of 43thingers blog so I was hopeing someone would recomend something. 8 years ago

staterkaIn search of

I’ve been searching forever to find some sort of blogging platform that I can use as my only online presence. Ideally I would like one that allows me to create static pages also so that it can be more like a website than a blog if I want it to.

I think Wordpress allows this but I’m finding it difficult to customize because I don’t know CSS. 8 years ago


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