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ready steadyat it

i’ve neglected this goal a lot. mostly because i haven’t been reading for my classes much at all. between actually showing up for my classes and working two or more days a week, i just haven’t had the time, energy, or motivation. but exams are around the corner and graduation is a huge motivator. so i will have to make the time. photoreading should help me cut back on the time i spend and is supposed to increase my comprehension. so! i will once again start practicing my photoreading skills! 4 years ago

ready steadyordered

i ordered a course. i’m pretty excited about it. it’s actually “photoreading,” which is a little different from regular speed reading – less rushed and better retention cuz it’s idea-centric reading or something like that. 4 years ago


I need to know how to do photoreading 4 years ago


I have a photoreading set- but it’s a lot more complicated than I hoped. I mean, I’m sure if I can get through the 8 hour tapes I can do it- but by the second tape I was so confused I’m not even sure it’s possible for everyone. I just don’t think that I’m as smart as most people. It takes me so much longer to retain information and I seem to forget it more often than not. I was hoping this could help with my memory as well- but I’m not sure I can get through it. If anyone has any advice or if there is something (and I’m sure there is) I don’t know about this. I really need help! 5 years ago

ApacheSlimOnce a day

I need to make absolutely sure that I try all the steps in the system every day on one book! Otherwise I won’t learn how to do it! 5 years ago


I took the seminar a couple of years ago on a whim that was funded by my employer. I had purchased the book and felt that I wanted a guided introduction. Knowing now what I’ve gotten out of it, I would have even found a way to pay for it myself. I think the in-person seminar is amazing, but I can’t speak for the home course. The skills gained from this system have enabled me to bring my reading and learning to a new level. It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t see the website before going to the class, because it does look a little “new agey” and too good to believe. But the system really does work. The caveat is that it’s not a miracle. It takes work to master this skill, just like any other, and you have to work at it. WORTH EVERY MINUTE! 6 years ago


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