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AndrewTheCreatorcould we do this

i would participate 7 months ago

J PUntitled

I’ve been designing apps for the past year. Interested in start-ups and maybe in the future having the ability to design AND code my own work. I can do HTML, CSS, and some PHP…but have no idea about more hardcore code, like Objective-C. 2 years ago


Well, it took me 12 months of learning to do this. I was a ex support worker mum and I had never programmed a computer before.

First I learnt the c programming language by watching youtube videos of richard buckland teaching c programming. Then I bought a few books on objective-c. I also followed the new boston’s objective-c tutorials on youtube. I currently have 4 apps in the app store.

I have recently started learning cocos2d which is a way to program games for the ipad and iphone. It is totally cool and I love learning it. 2 years ago


This is just gonna be a fun app:) 3 years ago


I have built and released an application in the iTunes store through my job, but now I would like to create my own. 3 years ago

MisterTulipattended a course on iphone development

It was brilliant. I’m much more confident now, but a little daunted about where to start. What ideas are realistic enough for a beginner that are worth doing…? 3 years ago

apteryxA way to make money for grad school

I have an idea for an iPhone app for college students, which uses my recent experiences teaching them. The app would work even better on an iPad.

I’ve done software development for many years in many languages. The main thing right now is to get the time and learn Objective C and the specifics of iPhone programming. Well, it’s summer, so I have the time.

So far, I have an iPhone and an iMac with Snow Leopard and XCode installed, I just bought an iPad, I bought the Erica Sadun book on iPhone programming, and I spent this afternoon going through a tutorial on Objective C. 3 years ago

shaunoneillbuild an iphone app

I really want to build an iphone app. 4 years ago

dolphjeanstick runner

it’s a stick person that run’s 4 years ago


it’s in the store :) http://moourl.com/myworld 4 years ago

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