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dance on a bar

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Jessicadunno why

I’ve just always wanted to. Think it would be fun. Stupid Coyote Ugly and their silly movie moments. 3 years ago


A trip to Vegas seems like the best time to try to accomplish this goal :) One should be coming up soon. 3 years ago

fluffybuffy007The KODIAK, Anchorage AK

Best place for dancing on a bar. Every weekend after 2 am the place gets crazy, and there are poles for people that want to do tricks or just can’t balance well. It’s also a good place to make money since everyone is drunk and throwing their cash at you. 4 years ago


at whiskey wild! 5 years ago

UniqueSoulNo place here

I am going to give up on this goal for now. I missed my chance while in Vegas :( And now that I’ve thought about it there really isn’t any place here that I could do this. But when I go out of town I will keep this in mind. 5 years ago


Dancing on the stripper pole with my 5 blonde ladies at JET nightclub. 5 years ago

UniqueSoulI work at a bar.....

You think I would have done this already :) But I’m hoping that I can do this one night with friends. Just not sure if any place around here will let us. Something about safety issues or something :P 5 years ago

pamilajoUkuku's bar

I was in a bar in South America and not only did I dance on the bar, but I got money for it (only one sol, but hey, it’s one sol) Not bad for an old, fat woman! I love my life! 6 years ago

stacywell not on the bar...but the barstool

i almost got kicked out of the bar on a couple of different occasions for it 7 years ago


On my 21st birthday we went out dancing and a friend asked me if I had seen The Coyote Ugly movie, where they danced on the bar. She said: “Well, let’s do it” and I responded with “Ok”. It was fun! We had the best times that night! We repeated this a few years later on my 25th birthday :) 7 years ago

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