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be loved

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I want to experience loving someone and being loved in return. Aren’t those people really lucky? Unfortunately somewhere in my life as a child I started to feel unworthy and this haunted me through my whole life. When you don’t love yourself 100%, you also cannot believe that somebody can love you. I’m doing a lot of soul searching these weeks, hopefully I can achieve this.
Wishing everyone here a lot of love! We are not bad people, we are just being harsh on ourselves. 1 week ago

viobioNice to be loved

I get in moods where it feels hard to accept the love or even look it in the face. But even that process of conflict is helpful to my growth.

Ah, warm and cozy love! And the inner ok-ness it takes to get there. 2 months ago

suntankittyNEED TO FIND LOVE!

i have had a lot of my younger friends telling ‘bout having there first kisses already and dating, iI just feel like I’m going to miss out on some thing if I don’t feel like I’m loved. my life long dream will be to be loved!:( 7 months ago

Netural"Learn to be lucky"

Well, I was together with this guy & he loved me. I thought I wasn’t worth of love, but he loved me. And then I blew it all…

Anyway, to be loved, first you gotta find someone who is “good (enough) for you”. Don’t think “it’ll happen when it’s meant to happen”... NO! Go the fuck out and make it happen… I know it is fucking hard to meat someone… but sooner or later, it most often happens… And then, number 2: please, please listen to your partner… Make the relationship work… 8 months ago

BlackVeilBrideI want to be loved..

My best friend hates me because i’m not strong enough to take the blames on me. My mom thinks that i’m a mistake. My father…well he is on drugs. My step-father just hates me. My little sister don’t appreciate me at all. I’m 17 and i’m afraid of relationships…There’s no one who completely understands me. I just need somebody to love me.. 8 months ago

x_lau_xBe loved

I saw this goal on someone else’s list and thought I want this too. But in fact this goal is already completed because I feel loved by my boyfriend and can’t wish for more :). 9 months ago


i like girls 10 months ago


I want to be loved, not written off, not friend-zoned, not thrown away. Is that so much to ask? 12 months ago

Drakifi want to

be loved 16 months ago

Shaunda ClarkChristian

Christian is my Ex’s best friend.. HE really loves me. HE catches me and my ex in compromising positions…and I’ve told him multiple times that I’m still in lovewith his bestfriend, yet hes still willing to take a chance on me..hes such a good guy I cant stand it. He treats me like a princess and he honestly cares about me. Hes everything I need right now… my only problem with this is… Hes not tony.. he can never be tony.. and i hate myself for feeling this way… but I can never love him like i love Tony 17 months ago

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