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we duo snowflye ( axel & marly wish yu all health & success !
keeponrockin ! see yu on our website ? 2 years ago

Anna DiazIm Bold As Love

I love this phrase, I’ve heard it first in John Mayer’s cover and then in the Jimmy hendrix’s original.
my blog it’s in case you would like to drop by 5 years ago

gheloveThe Scream as musical Art

The Primal Scream

The other day, at work, while passing by the work station of my friend and co-worker who happen to be blasting out Pink Floyd’s ’ The Wall’; I casually commented to him that the yell during the interlude of tracks 1 and 2 was indeed my most favorite scream in Rock and Roll.

Almost immediately, the profundity of what I had said started to dawn on us both. We decided that screaming, yelling, nonsensical sounds and other creative utterances are indeed an art form in themselves.We therefore concluded that such a chronicling of outbursts would make excellent fodder for the hipster’s countdowns and rankings.

The yell, grunt, groan or even yodel is a unique artistic expression and not everyone, no matter how prolific an artist otherwise, should attempt to perform such, Thank God. And those who can do it in perfect pitch send shudders throught the Uni-Verse (one- yell, this definition slightly modified for the purposes of the pitch).
Let gets a daisy chain going here folks as I embark on sending this out to the nation’s coolest music mags, blogs and alternative weeklies. Keep adding on yours and your reader’s favorite and keep passing it on.

We would like to offer you an abbreviated sample of how we think you could proceed. Therefore with no further ado, I give you a sampling of Mine, My boyfriend’s Brian and friend and co-worker, G-Love’s list of our favorite:


BETH’S (the I shoulda been the lead singer in a punk band) LIST

1. Revolution-The Beatles, single version
2. The Happiest Days of our Lives/Another Brick in the Wall part 2 Pink Floyd, interlude between the two songs
3. Piece of My Heart-Janis Joplin
4. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)-the Raconteurs, performed live
5. Immigrant Song-Led Zeppelin
6. Won’t Get Fooled Again-The Who
7. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots part 2-The Flaming Lips
8. The Great Gig in the Sky-Pink Floyd
9. Monkey Wrench-Foo Fighters
10. Bullet with Butterfly Wings-Smashing Pumpkins
11. Dream On-Aerosmith
12. Rape Me-Nirvana
13. The End-The Doors, performed live
14. Turn on Your Love Light-Grateful Dead, version from Skeletons from the Closet
15.Sabotage-Beastie Boys
16. Don’t Come Around Here No More¡-Tom Petty
17. Closer-Nine Inch Nails
18.All I Want is You-U2
19. Gimme Shelter-The Rolling Stones
20. Run to the Hills-Iron Maiden

P.S. Just to honor the initiator of this proposal, I really think my selections are truly the best and undoubtedly I should be honored by having my selections grace the number one picks but, to keep it fair and exercise diversity I offer you the entries from these two Bozos:

(My Boyfriend and a DJ legend… in his own mind, that is)

1. Doppelganger – I just got this Symphony going – Fall of Troy – (u mean to tell me this guy is able to talk the next day?)
2.Sly and the Family Stone – Sing a Simple Song -(just play it, youngsters).
3.Ani DiFranco -Dilate -OK here’s the deal, I am not even going to pick a song of this off this CD cause this is one mean chick and quite frankly she scares me, so I don’t want no trouble. The whole CD is full of high quality Yells, Groans, Grunts’ Creative Curses and Yelps.
4. Talking Heads – PschoKiller
5. Sinead O’Connor – Never Grow Old
6. Simply Red – Holding back the tears – ( if u tell anyone, I will have to kill ya)
7. Peter Gabriel In your eyes ( unfortunately the volume needed, to fully benefit from the beauty of the background wailing performed by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, can only be obtained if you have forgiving neighbors.
8. Ike and Tina Turner -Proud Mary (Any Live Performance will dose ya out a good yelling at and you’ll ask for more)
9. AC/DC – Back in Black
10. Phish – Suzie Greenberg
11.Raw Hide Theme – (now if you are really about your bizness you can put this song to real good use, on fantasy night, in the privacy of your own home, of course).
12. The Surfaris – Wipe Out
13 5,6,7,8’s – Woo hoo (remember the Japanese Girl Band performing in Kill Bill and whose song is also sampled on those annoying Vonage Commercial)
14.Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack – The Temple and Damned for All Time.
15. Run -DMC / Aerosmith’s – Live Collaboration of Walk This Way
17. U2 -Hawkmoon 269
18. Meatloft – Paradise by the Dashboard Light (well he got what he asked for- so why the screaming)?
19. Baltimora- Tarzan Boy (If Tarzan yelled like this, let just say that Jane would have had issues and probably the only animals to respond to the call of wild would have been a couple of bunnies)
20. Little Richard – Tutti Fruiti (OK you been acknowledged now go home)

(I must apologize for my friend G-love’ list. He fancies himself a musicologist, is long winded, loves to babble and also is currently without a girlfriend, a very combustible mix)

G-Love’s LIST

1. Prince – When Doves Cry (I would actually like to put Prince songs in the list 5 times but I will exercise E.O.E restraints). U go Bird.
2. Screaming Jay Hawkins- I put a spell on you (for God sakes look at the man’s name- nuff said?)
3. Led Zeppelin – Black Dog (take a forceful falsetto and sit him on a chair full of thumbtacks and this is what you get) I love it.
4. James Brown- Please-Please-Please (Although a screamer supreme, to which he demonstrates in most all his songs, I actually selected one of his lower decibel screeches to cite, because of the deep soulfulness that accompanies the screeching.
5. The Beatles- Hey Jude (I never was much of a Beatles fan even I can’t deny them their yell credts on this one?)
6. Janis Joplin – Take another little piece of my heart baby (if u were there, and can still remember -u know what I-m talkin about).
7. The Who – Won’t get fooled again (more than a yell or a scream it’s almost an anthem echoed in a single note).
8. Bruce Springsteen- Drive all Night (How in the world did a man learn to scream-wail and gargle coffee grinds at the same time? Must have leaned it from Tom Waitts, and speaking of Tom.)
9. Tom Waitts- Temptation (here is a song whose guttural Arabic- like wailing screams have driven my co-workers from the premises and has generated threats to inflict on me bodily harm if I play it in the presence of others therefore, sadly to say, I can only enjoy the artistic mastery of this song in the comfort of my own home- and even there, not without the use of headphones).
9. Prince- Little Red Corvette – (Imagine him as a car salesman- “you must need a limousine)
10. Bjork – Sensuality – (That little sexy yeh-ha of hers during the course of the song could bring probably entice a cowpoke back down from Broke back mountain, I’m sure, whereas the hostility shown towards a guy in…
11. Sinead O’Connor – Troy (might just send him back up to Broke back mountain) this little ditty starts off as a whisper and ends up a banshee’s lament.
12. Tina Marie- If I were your bell ( I don’t think she is implying just a vowel sound when she slips out the letter “O” and lets it ephemerly escape her lips in this lover’s ballad. Vanna! I would like to buy ten of those vowels..
13. Donna Summers- Love to Love you baby (better have a pack of cigarettes handy after listening)
14. Howard Dean- Rebel Yell (OK so it ain’t really from a song, it will undoubtedly be preserved in the historic record and further more, why the Hell hasn’t someone sampled it yet and, put it to music?)
15. Ben Harper – The Woman in You
16. Bob Marley- Those Crazy Bald Heads (what is that sound that starts the record? I love it; however I guess those bald heads didn’t take kindly to it)
17. Jane’s Addiction – Jane Says [live Version] (just imagine Perry teaching grammar school “1, 2, and 3 and…” what the heck is that sound that comes next)?
18. Queen Bohemian Rhapsody (hey! screaming or operatic what’s the difference other than at least Queen makes it sound great? And speaking of Queen-)
19. Queen Ida – Zydeco (any song or album- I just can’t believe all those fantastic utterances can originate and for the most part be contained to such a small area of the country. Queen Ida you have done one heck of a job, take note, Mr. Bush, her not Brownie.)
20. The Singing Nun- Dominique (we all know I am just kissing UP on this one but, when you know as many lyrics (to the devils music)as I do, its good to have some back up insurance for the hereafter, ya dig? Plus since I can’t understand it, it qualifies in my mind as creative utterances.

Troubleshooter writes:My favorite scream in rock history is in Hang On Sloopy by the McCoys:
The song itself was kinda 14th century, but the scream climaxes a long series
of louder and louder singing, and well, I was 16 and guess what it reminded
me of.

So what’s yours? And what are those of other fans?

p.s Say What? you want to put it in print, be my guest.
e-mail: 5 years ago


Oh my god this is so cool
Know whenever i wanna blab on about musicand my friends dont wanna listen i can just do it on here 5 years ago

Nicholas CUntitled

Just join a music forum and start participating. Although it can be difficult to find your niche, like mine is pseudo half-baked noise pop/rock with psyche influences and i haven’t found a board for that yet, but i’ll keep looking. 6 years ago

GOLDY01me myself and i!

i love my self!!lol 6 years ago


i know artists life stories, specifically Jim Morrison & Jimi Hendrix. ask me anything about either of them and i will know it in detail. 7 years ago

ProllyJohanna Kunin

she’s new to me and I love her sound(s). You can download a few of her songs for free here… 7 years ago

I did this with, where I work and promot geek music every day. Come on by and play with us! We don’t bite! 7 years ago


this is how I am feeling today. 8 years ago

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