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Hello, my name is Tina i am a girl of 24yres old. i am single and never married. i came across your profile today and became interested in you. i will like us to know much better if you dont mind, please i will wait for your reply at my private mail box (tinazomba@yahoo.com ) so that i can send you my picture and more about my selve. waiting to hear from you, Tina. ... my private mail box (tinazomba@yahoo.com)

Please don’t forget to contact me direct to my Email address ( tinazomba@yahoo.com 23 months ago


Enough said. 3 years ago


I’ve just found out that one of the connection flights from Poland I’ll be taking will be to Helsinki Vantaa, I’m so happy! 4 years ago


Love the culture, love the language, LOVE the music! There’s only one thing for it, I’m going to Finland! I mean, they’ve got a high gun suicide rate and lots and lots of fish, but it sounds like a pretty awesome place. I’ve started learning the language and I’m gonna find an English translation of the Kalevala for the heck of it then I’ll just pop over there and probably get eaten by a lake monster or something. :P 4 years ago


I have a penfriend from there, and I’d love to be able to see another beautiful country! 5 years ago

kaceexxvisting there?

because it’s so pretty. and it just seems like something cool to do 5 years ago

bladesssski in Yllas,finland

I want to go to Yllas foir skiing this month 5 years ago


bcuz my ancestors came from there. it would be cool 2 c where they used to live. 5 years ago

viljayes I want do this :DDD Finland

I going to visit Finland 20 July :D 5 years ago


My passport should hopefully arrive sometime soon. 5 years ago

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