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A couple of days before – when I posted my first post about how awesome I was feeling -, I finally succeeded to change my way of thinking from negative to positive. I learned how to look at things positively and from the other side, always looking for the good things and asking myself what advantages do the situations I was going through have.

Now, before I start doing something, I always ask myself, whether it is really what I want, whether it would help me somehow or not and whether I would feel happy after I would finish it. This was possible thanks to my best friend here in Prague, who advised me to watch some videos with Teall, and I realized a lot of important things thanks to her philosophy. I could finally deal with my last oppressive quasi-relationship, I forgave and learned to say “sorry” (which is something I didn’t like doing and don’t usually do) as well as learned how to be thankful for things I have. These things changed my way of thinking and suddenly the desperate need for doing something that would make me happy was gone and I was simply happy.

Great! :) 1 week ago

blue_wackoPeace with myself

I recently came to terms with the fact that I am agender, and everything else seems to be falling into place. Maybe life will start really looking up now. I always worry about telling my family and friends because I am not taken seriously. But I cling to the phrase “This too shall pass”.

~Thanks for reading 1 week ago


“Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child.”
- Ron Wild 1 week ago

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CaribbeanBreeze"Life Is Difficult." ~ M. Scott Peck from The Road Less Travelled

I have found lately that all my mind is providing me with are ways to check out of the life I am living including hospices, mental wards, and suicide. None of which I need nor would make me happy, nor would help my loved ones. But when you are tired on profound levels your life becomes blank and bleak.

Stress builds up within us over time, from weeks to years. Before you know it, you are doing the unhappy. Who stole your life? Why aren’t you doing anything you enjoy?

I have PTSD. It’s showing it’s ugly head right now. But I decided this morning that I can either say “I’m tired/stressed” and let people in or let my mind run wild with as much negativity as it likes resulting in tears, isolation and self loathing.

It’s harder to be happy. I will have to battle my own self a lot more. Let’s face it, the world isn’t happy. All we hear is negativity. But I want my world to be happy.

Today, as hard as it’s going to be, which isn’t as hard though as all that gave me PTSD, I’m choosing to be happy. Let’s see how the wired brain likes that! 2 weeks ago


I’m unhappy. I a lot issue come up making my life messy as heck. I need some help. 3 weeks ago


I’m just a happy person. I wonder why I ever put it here. I mean I do feel sad at times, but life doesn’t end there. Happiness is a gift from God to all of us 4 weeks ago

Emily JohnstonBE HAPPY

“Nobody said it was easy/ no one ever said it would be so hard.”
I knew that the road to recovery would be difficult, but I had been in a fairly decent mood lately and had forgotten how I could feel so worthless and lonely for no apparent reason. I had forgotten that good moods don’t last forever. Compared to how I had been before I thought I would never really feel like that again. I was mistaken. Here I am, pretending that it will be okay. I need to believe that. Sometimes, though, I just can’t. I want to know that it will be okay, but it doesn’t feel like it. I’m terrified for my future and I’m afraid that it is happening too fast. At the same time, however, it feels like it can’t come soon enough. I have scheduled my classes for my senior year of high school. I got my driver’s permit on Saturday. I have looked into a couple colleges recently. I should be excited, but all I feel is terror. What if I mess everything up? I don’t want to end up broke and on the streets. Nobody does, really. I just feel like things are going to get in the way. My OCD has been getting worse on some levels but better on others. My depression has gotten in the way of so much and now I’m trying to fix what that had ruined earlier in the year. What college is going to want me when I had this spell of awful grades due to lack of participation? It wasn’t my fault – I didn’t choose to constantly feel like my life was going nowhere. I tried so hard to figure out something, and it wasn’t enough. I want to be able to say I have gotten past this, but I know I haven’t. It’s just awful that I have to dig myself out of this hole that I ended up in. 4 weeks ago

Emily JohnstonBE HAPPY

If anybody has noticed my absence, I shall address that now: I decided that I needed to be away from things for a while. Obviously I can’t just quit school or anything that drastic, but internet things that I initially thought would help. I decided to just stop. Also I had no Wi-Fi, but the other thing is much better sounding. SO I have been absent from social media to go into a sort of recovery. It has helped tremendously, I believe. After this leave, I have noticed that I do not feel as badly. I have been clean for over a month and am very proud of that. I know that I am nowhere near being recovered, but I am in the process, and I think that that is something huge. I know that I still think about things a lot, but it isn’t as bad, and I am making plans for my future. I am looking into a college in New York and am going on a trip to France next year and I am just trying to make things to look forward to. So I believe that I am well on my way to getting somewhere that I haven’t been in a while, and I am so appreciative of things like this site where I can vent and say anything and not worry about people judging me and then having to see them again and again. So thank you, random people on this site, and thank you whoever created this site (because I am not in a mood to go look things like that up currently)! 1 month ago

zeeshan_AbrarKeep yourself happy by looking good things around you.

Keeping happy means physically , spiritually and mentally .All these things should be happy. 1 month ago

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