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swim with sharks

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Hi, my name is Grace Jean Johnson from republic of Congo, iam truly looking for a friend who can help me to put things in order. So i came across your profile here while searching, i will like you to contact me back on my private Email which is gracexjean1@live.com, because i am always here on my email, though i have something important to share with you if you can be trustworthy, which i can freely say here through my email for privacy.



Grace. 4 months ago

Lark1Adventuring goals

This is one of the adventuring goals from a ways back when the website sprung into existence, its been through a couple of incarnations then and one book publication, I think that a lot of peoples goals have become much more sedate since then.

I like to keep a couple of real adventuring goals, even if they dont look like anything I’ll achieve any time soon, just for the hell of it :D 5 months ago


Some friends and I went on a trip to the Florida keys and could not resist going on a scuba trip. We hooked up with a local tour guide and said take us somewhere were we are guaranteed to see some sharks. The rest is history. 11 months ago

V GeradineAttempted but fail

So I’m glad I had this one on my list. I had the opportunity to swim with sharks the past year. I signed up for it in Pusan. I passed the skills, but when it came to the water and being that deep, my bladder, the thought of drowning and other factors swam through my mind causing me to back out at the last minute.
So I’m taking another discovery scuba course and going to reattempt the dive. I maybe be alone doing it but I have to do it.
Some goals you just have to do, sink or swim. 16 months ago

sue820I have a bit of a phobia of sharks.

I know intellectually that an attack is rare, but I still feel uneasy sometimes at the beach. I think it was from watching Jaws too young. When we went to Mexico, we went to XCaret, which offers a chance to swim with nurse sharks, and DH and I paid extra to do this. I know nurse sharks may be a wimpy way to go, but they were 7 feet long, and we got to hold and feed them, too. 21 months ago

jasam4237Punta Cana

June 4-11 2 years ago


The weather was too cold to convince the dive buddy. Ah well, maybe next time. I can’t imagine the entire area is devoid the rest of the year… 2 years ago

randysableI'll be.

Apparently I might be doing this in January while visiting a buddy down in Boca, depending on when the sharks start showing up.


It looks kinda cool and considering that there was something large that was hanging around by us while we were wading offshore (or so we were told by a passerby,) this has a real chance of going from a goal that I’d actually given up on, to one that might actually happen.

Now if only I can figure out a way to fit both my dive gear and inflatable kayak in checked luggage . . . 2 years ago

Fred RiehlHopefully.....

I will get to dive in an area swarming with reef sharks in Koh Tao, Thailand in January! 2 years ago

jenhollottShark walker Melbourne

We went on the shark walker today. 20 minutes underwater in a pressurized helmet in a tank full of sharks stingrays turtles and deep sea fish. It was great. 2 years ago

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