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take things as they come, and learn to accept things when they aren't going to happen

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gwallaby02Go With God's Flow

I used to need to control the outcome of circumstances because I was so afraid that if they didn’t go the way I needed them to, that something bad would happen to me. Maybe this was caused by a few traumatic events in my life, but I have learned over time (and through a lot of suffering) that God is always in control, and He will always lead me somewhere good. Even when things are going wrong, He still has a plan. He has taken away many things I thought I needed, but He has proven time and time again that He is all I need. 18 months ago

BettyBoopBabypatience is key

life never goes the way its supposed to, i have to learn that the world is not going to end if something goes wrong, u cant get upset about it, u just have to live with it and go on the best u can 8 years ago


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