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LabashKotler's "Marketing Management": 31 pages

i have started reading it. the book is sooo big! i can’t believe though i am only reading it now, such a shame, i should have read it ages ago.

so what did i learn? i am still at the introductory stage so it’s all the basic concepts of marketing. i am writing down some notes, too.

jeez, i am going to be a smart-ass, lol! 5 years ago

Labashfinally i am doing something about it!

i got someone to guide me and the someone is so intelligent and i can look up to him. so he gave me the introduction to what it is all about and there is Kotler’s book to be read for starters. i am eager to get new know-how and to fill in the gaps i got.
the fun part starts then – so he promised me. 5 years ago


another kick in the bum needed here! i am spending so much time on the 43Things and other stuff online instead of working!
need to start putting more effort into what i am supposed to do while i am sitting at work! 5 years ago

Labashholiday need

i lost interest in what i do
i feel not motivated
i don’t work well because i just don’t care and i am embarrassed about it
i spend hours in the internet, in 43 things, youtube and everywhere instead of working

when i am back from hols i will do my best to become a professional and work great so that i make up for the time that i waste now. 5 years ago


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