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Tim JonesUntitled

I’m studying English language and geography from home. I’m scheduled to take the exams in summer 2014. Just need to keep studying whenever I have time. 17 months ago

Maryrose HewittFail

Well, my AS results came yesterday and I got one A and… Two U’s…. This means I’m going to University a year late because I have to repeat the year. I will accomplish this goal, and my goal for going to University in England. I will not walk away defeated. 20 months ago

Maryrose HewittClash

I’ve got to have my final piece in on Wednesday for Art and Design. Honestly, I’ve been lazy (another thing on my list) and have slacked all year, getting by with doing the bare minimum. Now it’s came back to bite me. I so badly wanted to go into the fashion side of art but my teacher seems so stuck on making me do a painting. It’s so much of a chore. I had to do painting for my art exam already, and that was hell.

Should I stick to the painting, and therefore I’d improve in that aspect of art or should I do what makes me so very happy and make the dress even though I’ve only a few days to do it?

Doesn’t my teacher think I’m capable of doing it? Well, I suppose, if someone had been slacking the whole year, would you think they would do it and hand it in on time? I don’t think I want to face reality.

Apart from art I’ve a Business exam on Monday. I’m leaving everything to the last minute. 23 months ago

Maryrose HewittStruggle

I’d say this is the most important thing on my list. If I don’t pass, I don’t go to University, then I don’t go to England. I’ve an exam next week, and I’ve not done any revision. I’m so god damn lazy, and I need to get my ass in gear if this is to happen. 23 months ago

Maryrose HewittHalf way through

Well, I’m half way through my first year now! Hopefully I end up with loads of A’s so I can start another goal, going to University in England! 2 years ago

Sarahoh dear..

i’m alreading having to retake all my first exams in AS, and A2 only gets harder. i really want to do this, but if i do crap in my retakes and next exams, i might just give up. 3 years ago


hey every body i just wanna make new friendzzzzzzzzz 3 years ago

PerriKinsgot results for AS.

BUU + other is still pending. 3 years ago

VixiVampiressI did this, with flying colours.

2 years ago, I worked my arse off.

A month before the exams started, I began spending every single day revising in the library from 8:30am until 6pm, or 8pm on Wednesdays.

I completely exhausted myself, felt physically ill and mentally deranged haha!

But I sat those exams and I got an A grade in every single subject, even though I was predicted far lower for some of them.

My final grades were:

Art – A
History – A
Psychology – A

There is no cheating this system. Only hard work will get you through it, and it was worth it.

Applying to university was a doddle because with my 3 As and my Art Foundation to support it, I have nearly 650 UCAS points, which is double the amount required for pretty much any course in the UK.

I applied for Multimedia BSc and got an unconditional offer pretty much 2 weeks after my application, and a few days after my interview. 3 years ago


to get some decent and respectable grades n my A levels, need to work harder and hopefully in a couple of months this will be done and the stress will have all gone away. 4 years ago

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