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-> L:(

money crunch..dint go for more than 1 month 7 months ago


Join a gym and start to go regularly has been a goal since arround 2008. Before that, I was never a fan of exercising and having a healthy diet.
Back then, my sister joined a gym and there she used to take Muay Thai classes. When she started to talk about becoming professional, my mother became afraid and said she couldn’t pay for it anymore, because she had no money for it (we knew this was a lie, since she was buying superfluous stuff).
Because of that, I couldn’t join too. If she had paid for me, she would have to admit she had lied before.
Now I plan on joining a gym as soon as I have my own money to do so. 11 months ago

GeorgieI will count this goal complete...

when I have managed to go to the gym at least once a week for a month. 14 months ago

GeorgieMet with a personal trainer and sorted a workout plan.

I explained that I am increeeedibly unfit and haven’t really exercised since I left school so they set me off with the following workout plan:

10 minutes warm up on the treadmill
  • 2 sets of 12 walking lunges
  • Jump squats
  • 5 minutes on cross trainer, alternate difficulty levels
  • Dumbbell triceps overhead extension
  • Dumbbell biceps curl
  • 5 minute run on treadmill
  • Medicine ball Russian twist
  • Reverse crunch
    Cooldown/stretch 14 months ago


My gym induction went really well – I admitted that I was pretty much a newbie to everything and they were very understanding. I’m meeting with my personal trainer on Thursday to work out a routine that would be good for me and fit in with my limited free time.

I also tried a zumba class at the gym which has pretty much killed me. I didn’t realise I was so unfit! 14 months ago

-> Lhi

i had to stop this due to my master studies + bad beijing pollution..;now i found a gym to start it may be in a week or so..wow..cant wait 14 months ago

Taylor AnnaMy best friend turned personal trainer

And I found my love of feeling like I just had my ass kicked by a group kick boxing class! :) 14 months ago

GeorgieSigned up!

Today I signed up for a local gym. Membership fees are paid and I have an induction on Saturday at 1pm. It is such a huge gym though, I’m afraid I’m gonna get lost. 14 months ago


Plant Fitness has a great deal membership !

$10 a month is worth it ! So go ahead and go !
Start off slow. Two days a week is a good start and can make such a difference ! Take your time and start off slow! 15 months ago

vivimarMy personal recommendations

Here are my personal recommendations for those of you that also want to go to the gym on a frequently base.

1. Get a membership where you can go with a friend. It’s more fun when you’re not alone.

2. Put you’re favorite music in your music player. It helps you inspire when you’re working out.

3. Do it slow. Start by doing things you can do, and increase the work every time. 15 months ago

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