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Do not let anyone's bad mood or negativeness infect me

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Marc AmbitWell said

“Stay away from negative people: they always have a problem for every solution”. 15 months ago

haouajust be cool ...!!!

I am really tired of those who can’t live without screwing other people’s day or moment of peace.I have been suffering from this for a long time . Every time I try to enjoy certain accomplishment or be optimistic about something someone comes along and messes everything up.Why can’t people keep their bad mood to themselves .I mean I have enough stress in my life already and the last thing I need is someone saying “hey !!!don’t get too excited about it ”.the idea of being of being prevented from enjoying yourself is very frustrating .I am sick of those who try to deprive me from happiness ,why can’t they see that by revealing their negativeness they are only hurting others and taking away the only thing they can do freely wish is HOPE2 years ago


My life is my responsability, so I should be in complete control for what happens to me…
Feeling down because someone told or did something is making other people control my life… so, yeah, this is a very important goal for everyone to follow 3 years ago

Marc AmbitThey fight harder (with a secret weapon)

Doing good, so far… I seem to be able to confront those bad moods that hang on some other people’s faces, just with a smile and the will to help.
It’s fun though…there are people who, as soon as they find that you’re struggling to cope with their bad vibes with a smile seem to get harder on me and start trying to be more rude, just like if they felt angry on me for not being in such a bad vibe like they are. :-)
It’s like their secret weapon, just like if they wanted to be happy over my own corpse :-)
Well…I won’t let them win. I can’t stop them from doing so, but I won’t let them erase my smile. You bet! 4 years ago

Marc AmbitIt's working!

Hey, I’m really getting it! It was hard, specially in some situations, but I could fight it and always put a smile on my face.

Most of my days, both the working and the non-working ones, shine bright, and I have the feeling that everything goes just fine.

My biggest enemy so far? Lack of sleep. When I haven’t slept enough I tend to loose my patience and nerves and so does my happiness. So, this is a great tip for me: sleep well. 5 years ago

Marc Ambita wink and a smile

I’m getting much better with this one. I try to give a smile to anything that happens to me, even if it’s not a good thing. I’m not dealing with big issues here, that’s for sure, but the little things that usually piss me off now have no other effect on me other than a smile and a nice thought about how stupid life is sometimes :-) 5 years ago

Marc AmbitDon't worry, be happy!

Well, this is a long term goal; I want to start reaching it right now and continue being true to it for the rest of my life :-)

The thing is…you know, I’m basically a happy person (aren’t we all?) who’s most of the time in a very good and positive mood. But I do not know exactly why, I seem to be a little bit too permeable to anyone’s bad mood or negativity.
You know, there are lots of people to whom everything is wrong. They curse and criticize everything. For them, the future can bring nothing but bad things. Bitter people, we could call them.
And hey, that’s ok with me; I’d prefer that they’d be happy and eversmiling, and I can do help them a little bit in many different ways, but it’s up to them if they don’t want to make the effort to be cheerful.

But what I won’t allow to happen is that their bitterness affects me. I don’t want to be infected by their negativeness nor their bad mood.
If I have to be angry, in a bad mood or negative, it will be only because of me, not because any other person.

So, here it is, one of my most important goals, as long as without good mood and positiveness I won’t be able to fulfill all of the others! :-)

Be happy! 5 years ago


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