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EverydayFairyNext 3...

Toy Story 3, North by northwest and Once upon a time in the West :o) As usual I found something good in each movie – this list really makes sense ;o) I was especially surprised with TS3 – I thought that it`ll be a childish story but I really enjoyed it in the end (Spanish Buzz won my heart :o) 13 months ago

EverydayFairyReached 70

  • Reservoir dogs – I have those, you know, mixed feelings when it comes to Tarantino. It`s a love-hate relationship – I loved From dusk till dawn, Kill Bill, Inglorious Basterds and Django, hated Death Proof and didn`t really like Pulp Fiction (yes, I know). And Reservoir dogs joined the second group – the only two things I really enjoyed were: dialoque concerning names and `Stuck in the middle with you` song.
  • A clockwork orange – psychodelic – but good! I`m thankful for all the articles I`ve read that helped me understand this movie better :o) 14 months ago

katpurnellJanuary 2013

41. Lawrence of Arabia (1962) 15 months ago

EverydayFairyNext 3 down!

Free days make it a lot easier to catch up on this goal (which, I think, was going pretty well).
  • The sting – saw it on our local TV and found it a bit strange to listen to my mother language since I saw almost every movie from this list in English (bless you, Internet!). And I really liked it – reminded me of Ocean`s Eleven a bit ;o)
  • Godfather II – thank God for the subtitles. Thy saved my life while watching Marlon Brando in the first part and were very helpful during the second… It was good but I liked first part better :o)
  • The good, the bad and the ugly – didn`t know it`ll have so much of a comedy ;o) I liked it very much but it took me 3 days to watch it ;o) 15 months ago

MikeHighlandGetting there slowly...

20 Down, 80 to go… 16 months ago

EverydayFairy35 to go :o)

Next 2 movies down. Phew… those were though ones! `Apocalypse now` and `Godfather part I` were long as hell but very good! Godfather II is still waiting for its turn. After watching the first part today I don`t feel like watching anything ambitious this evening… 16 months ago



100 movies * approx. 2 hours each = approx. 200 hours = 12000 minutes ( I don’t really know why I am doing all these calculation, brain exercise anyway)

Let’s say a movie a night .. that’s 100 nights .. and I am not going to do it every night .. so it might take two or three years.

Do you know what would be good: if I post the list with the done ones, not the good part yet, with my own rating (worth being in the place they are in the list or not basically)

See you in three years 16 months ago

EverydayFairyMovie Thursdays

Since it`s BH`s weekly day out I can call it a `Movie Thursday`. Being home alone once a week allows me to catch up on the movies from the IMDB list :o)
  • Modern Times – I`ve already said t – I`m sooo surprised with Chaplin movies! They`re great :o)
  • It`s a wonderful life – old moves have their own unique charm… I`m going through a very hard time right now and this movie brought a bit of light into my life…
  • Spirited away – not my first Miyazaki movie, so I knew what to expect – it was magical :o) I really liked Haku in his dragon form btw ;o)
  • Cinema Paradiso – I got bored a bit at the beginning and found young Toto really annoying but as the movie went on – I found it one of the most beautiful and touching movies I`ve ever seen…
  • Metropolis – God, it was oldschool ;o) I was really impressed but the acting made it hard to stay serious enough to fully appreciate this movie ;o) But hte machine-woman design was great!

Still 37 movies to complete this goal :o) 16 months ago

Julie MillarRaging Bull - All About eve

I think these movies are in the top 100 because you have to pay all your attention to them! Raging Bull was good, good storyline but as I said if your mind wanders for a couple of mins you could be lost!

I loved All about Eve! It was smart and interesting, good storyline. I felt it didn’t feel like an old black & white movie at all just one I hadn’t seen yet!

I just wish all these movies weren’t so LONG! loving it otherwise tho! :D 16 months ago

LyreOnce Upon A Time In America

This one took a while to get going, but once it did, it was excellent. Long, but excellent.

I’m not sure I liked the ending much, but on the other hand… maybe I did? I guess I would’ve preferred something a bit more believable after such a down-to-earth setup. Oh well. It was still good.

Worth watching. Go watch it. 16 months ago

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