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EuphemiaWatch out guest bedroom...

..I have my eye on you! And it should not take too long! 7 months ago

EuphemiaWell done me

I cleared out the spare room today! It looks amazing :) 7 months ago

EuphemiaSpare room

I decided what was needed to finish off the spare room was a nice big chest of drawers to store some stuff. Oh my God. We have wasted most of our Sabbath trawling around Ikea to get said chest of drawers and other bits and pieces so that our house can contain the same things as every other person in Europe! Honestly, I am in such a foul mood after that experience. Sunday should be a spiritual day. I told my husband that we would think of it like going for a long walk without any natural light. It did not help. We managed to get back into the daylight and home safe, but feel like killing someone! And that is before we have embarked on the putting together of said furniture… 7 months ago


I have made it my goal to remove at least one item that I feel I don’t really need. I can give it to a friend, the Salvation Army, or sell it on eBay. 13 months ago


I tend to hold on to stuff. I think I hold on due to sentimental reasons. But I know if I don’t learn to let go, I won’t be in the right place when I get ready to move. So today, I got rid of one thing that I had been wanting to repair. It sat in my shed for several months unfinished. It was easier than I thought it would be, since I have a goal. I need to write these goals down! I mean like on a chalk board or tape them on my bathroom mirror! 13 months ago

EuphemiaThis morning...

...I have been clearing out the spare room where I just tend to DUMP everything. Sorted all my laundry into loads, and the 3rd load is churning around as we speak.
Now I need to make this a regular thing in my quest for a clutter-free life! 22 months ago

EuphemiaDoes anyone have any tips...

...for living with a messy, untidy and thoroughly unhygienic man?

I know that I can never change him, and would not even try – I love him how he is. The trouble is that I travel for work, and if I come home after a couple of weeks, things can be in a bad state. Trouble is, he does not even see it. I tried to talk about bringing in a cleaner but he got really upset and angry and said that he was dealing with it. Total impasse! 2 years ago

EuphemiaToday I am going to blitz our home!!!

Watch out clutter…here I come! 2 years ago

EuphemiaToday I shall be mostly....

....SPRING CLEANING! 2 years ago

KrisdMy Staycation

Usually I get a break from work in the winter due to snow days but we haven’t had any snow (not that I’m complaining!) so I made my own snow days. I have a lot of vacation time and decided to take time off to work on the house. Usually when I take scheduled time off it’s because I’m having surgery or something less fun. It has been blissful because I am tending to things I have wanted to tackle since we moved to this house (which will be 2 years in June). I read a very helpful book (Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui by Karen Kingston). Actually I read so many articles and books about clutter that it’s kind of hilarious. I kept telling myself if I just stopped reading and dealt with my crap I could actually have people over. I find watching an episode of any kind of hoarding people is a great motivator. I can’t watch that show without tidying up even during the show. Lucky for me there were no dead cats in my house…that would be tragic!
So far I have taken many things to Goodwill which has felt pretty awesome…usually I just put things in bags and boxes for someday but I made that someday happen a lot sooner by putting them in the car. Of course after I made the donation I found myself wandering around the store but was proud of myself that I left empty handed.
My toy poodle is not completely house trained (or she’s just lazy!) so I am using this stuff called Eww to treat the stains. Once everything is off the floor, I will rent a Rug Doctor and go to town on the carpet.
I have also invited people to come over to give me an extra incentive to clean up. I find writing to do lists and also writing down stuff I already did helps me feel like I’m accomplishing things.
Hope this helps someone if they are looking for some inspiration. 2 years ago

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