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SherecitaOk, half done!

I’m very excited cause as from tomorrow, if everything goes with it’s current force of energy, my apparment will be finally painted!!!!!!!!!

I checked out the painter’s work yesterday, and they have prepared all walls except for the kitchen. Today they said they start painting, so I’m excited to see how it turns out. Maybe they start the vintage pink wall? I’ll check it out after work and see. 5 years ago

SherecitaPaintmen doing their job

This is the first day the hired painters have come to work on the walls and afterwards paint. I do hope everything goes nice, smooth and tidy and that the final result is great.

Gonna check on them. 5 years ago

SherecitaNot yet

After daaaaays of hard work, looks like I’m going to hire a professional to do this. I takes way more than I imagined, plus the walls were basicly destroyed.

I’m gonna be needing a true painter here… 5 years ago

SherecitaSo tired!!

After a LOT of work my friend and I got most of the old paint out of one wall, it’s been such a long and tiring day!!

There’s still much to do, I want so much to get it done, that I will keep going even tired!! 5 years ago

SherecitaCurrent Status

I’ve bought the paint. Had to get a lighter color than the one I wanted, cause the original one was too expensive. But the new one isn’t so bad either.

Also bought all the equiped and cover the little holes in the walls, and moved the furnitire. There’s still a lot work coming, but I’m getting help from a friend!!

Can’t wait to see it all nice and done! 5 years ago

SherecitaMaking the preparations

Ok, now I’m trying to get friends to paint with me :P It’s a small appartment, but it is still a LOT of work for one little me. I know it’s a bit annoying, but actually I’m looking foward for it. 5 years ago

SherecitaThis is the current situation


I’ve been wanting to paint the walls of my rented apparment every since I moved in. Why? Cause I simply and passionately HATE the color they hay now. It’s a greenish sort of yellowish boring color that has nothing to do with me! and it was rather badly painted, so its not even…even! XD!

So what I’ve done so far is get supplies, choose the color and start preparing the walls. That’s the hard part though. Preparing the walls actually isn’t that bad, but its a LOT of work.

Anyways, since I want to do it, I don’t mind, I just have to take it slowly.

Hopefully this weekened it will all be painted!! 5 years ago


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