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Okay, so.

I’m going to Greensboro, NC tomorrow.
then Asheville, NC.
then Atlanta GA for a while.
And then Savannah, GA to cap off the trip.

I think I’ve probably blown this goal out of the water, but have been forgetting to update about it all. Oh well.


houseofleavesAtlanta, GA

Driving to Atlanta tomorrow, which will be a much needed break from this area…

If you’re around the city and you’d like to meet up for a bit (and we at least occasionally talk, lol), send a message my way. 4 years ago

Solena D.#1

This was in August, but I thought I’d start with it anyway, since this goal is going to move so slowly, I can tell.

Well, we visited the highest inhabited village in Croatia (highest above sea level, that is) and drove right through it to go see this huge field called Matić poljana where 26 people froze to death on February 24th 1944 (during WW2), while trying to walk a very long way through a snow storm. It truly is a place of tragedy, and the 26 rocks that were placed there as monuments are eerie, but have a sort of dignity you don’t get to feel often. It was August, already very cold and the way I felt standing there – I honestly don’t understand how people can go there to pick berries and herbs and such…

I’m glad I went, but I don’t know when and if I’ll go again. 4 years ago

houseofleavesBaltimore, Maryland

row houses

Baltimore row houses!

old post office

Old post office.


Pretty bush.

I had so much fun in Baltimore. Now that I’ve driven through it, I’m not nearly as nervous about driving there again. I imagined it being much more intimidating than it was. Can’t wait to visit Judith and Ben again. 4 years ago

houseofleavesUpper Marlboro, Maryland

maypole dancing

In May, I went to another May Day/Fairy celebration, this time with Meredith. I’ve been meaning to go for years, but finally made the trip. It was fabulous. Beautiful may pole dances and everything. 4 years ago

houseofleavesGlen Rock, PA

Spoutwood Farm in Pennsylvania.

I got up bright and early May Day weekend to drive to Pennsylvania… it is hands down the second busiest weekend of the year, first being Halloween, but I feel like I will always attend Spoutwood Farm’s festival over the others.

fay home

bagpiperWendy Rule

Bagpiper and Wendy Rule.

Gyspy Nomads!

The Gypsy Nomads, the original reason I began to come to the festival in the first place.

lots of puddlesa clearing

They had a great maze that wound through a section of the woods. I took an odd path and found myself on the edge of it, looking into a field. The path was mostly a mud pit, slipping and sliding around, and I think I was just happy that I wasn’t one of the dozens of people I saw fall flat on their backs in that mud. The goal was to find 5 stations within the maze and dip a finger into the corresponding color for that station. When you found your way out again, you could look up your fortune based on the pattern of colors on your fingers.

giftsstream and offerings

Last year we had blue skies and cool breezes, but last weekend it was all heavy clouds and drizzle with some chill. It was just as wonderful, however, and we thanked the rain, like we would have thanked the sun.

I’m sad that I missed the weaving of the May Pole, but it’s an easy place to lose time in. Can’t wait to go back next year. 4 years ago

houseofleavesLorton, Va

prison yard / art yard

This was the Lorton Reformatory, a prison that housed the more serious offenders for DC, including women involved in the Suffragette movement. This is actually where the “Iron Jawed Angels”, Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, were held as well.

It was abandoned a few years ago and left sitting for a while… then, just last year, they began rebuilding it into an arts center. A kind of co-op: http://www.lortonarts.org/



We visited the galleries and watched the artists working in their spaces, but I really enjoyed seeing all of the spaces that haven’t been rebuilt yet. You can see the abandoned sections here:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/insect_anatomy/ 5 years ago

houseofleavesFalls Church, Va

I normally avoid most of Falls Church because driving around there is a little stressful (small, confusing streets and a lot of traffic), but I had to be there yesterday and I really enjoyed myself. We had extra time, so I ate at an amazing Lebanese restaurant. If you turned around twice, you’d miss it, but they had the best falafel wrap I’ve ever had. And a yummy mango juice.

I also went to Hole in the Wall Books. I’ve been there before, but had forgotten how much I like the people there and the selection. They specialize in sci fi and comics, so I feel right at home… even though it’s cramped beyond belief.

I’m going to try to visit Falls Church more often. 5 years ago

houseofleavesThe Tidal Basin.


That’s the Jefferson Memorial, which I really want to visit when it’s less crowded (if you look at the steps, it’s packed). For whatever reason, I haven’t visited the tidal basin since… well, before I can remember. I was under the impression that it was a very long walk—I always hear complaints about there being no metro stop. I forget that DC is relatively small… it was actually just around the corner from Smithsonian. I’ll go back when the festival is over.


Cherry blossom trees make such a beautiful canopy. 5 years ago

houseofleavesOccoquan, Va

It takes me around 45 minutes to get to Occoquan, but I used to go weekly. I went to gatherings and an herb class, and just to walk around with friends. I haven’t been there in ages and usually only do to visit 13 Moons, the witch shop. I visited them today since they’re moving to a new location and I wanted to pick something up.

The thing that makes Occoquan so great is that it’s been deemed historic, so everyone goes to great lengths to preserve the way the buildings were. Here are a few things you can see there:

hobbit hole househobbit hole window

We used to call this the hobbit house… I’m not really sure why, besides that it was so cute and the window looked so odd.

hill houses

Some houses/shops on a small hill leading away from the main road, where all the shops are.

door that leads nowhere.

I’m not exactly sure what this was for… it’s just a small, gated cubby off the sidewalk. Whenever someone was misbehaving as we walked passed, we’d tease them that we’d put them in there… which probably only sounded amusing because we watched way too many horror movies.

ivy and bricka path up

Lots of ivy and stone and small paths.

SO… there is a small tour. I’m glad I went again, even if it was soggy out.

Oh, wait! I forgot the queen. This is one of the four cats that rules over the witch shop on her throne:

the queen cat5 years ago

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