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clean out my files

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Bruce DaleyProgress

4/1/07 – Woke up Sunday morning ready to face the paper tiger. After a couple of hours cleaned all the papers off my desk. It feels great! 7 years ago

Bruce DaleyGoals

12/10/06 There are 8 feet of organized files, 4.16 feet of unorganized files 7 years ago

communicatrixDo it. Just do it.

You cannot have room for new things when the old ones have a chokehold on you.

Clean. Purge. Sort. Purge some more.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

c 7 years ago


Feels great. Now just gotta keep it up. No more piling up papers for six years! 7 years ago


The other week or so, I got down to beeswax and went full-out on my filing cabinet, and now, even as I sit across the room, I know in my heart of hearts that it is well organized. And it is good. 7 years ago


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