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one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen 5 months ago

EszterYour guide to Aqaba, Petra and other places in Jordan

I came to live in Jordan in 2005 and since then I’ve created a website to help others to get the most out of their visit to Jordan.

Please check it out: www.Go2Jordan.INFO 17 months ago

Justme2575Petra, Jordan

My daughter and I just got back from a 3 day trip to Jordan where we visited Wadi Rum and Petra. It was simply amazing! The people are very friendly and almost all spoke English. 2 years ago


Just visited Jordan including going to Petra for the 4rd time, no matter how many times I go it never gets old its amazing..for non jordanians be prepared to shell out some money 40jd for non arabs, 15jd for arabs from other countries, 1jd if your jordanian..worth the money, piece of advice walk it dont bother with the horse n buggy through the siq better photo ops walking as well, on the way back after totally beat sunburnt and over heated then take one of the horses if you are too exhausted to walk. :)
For those with sensitivity in lungs or get sick a lot WEAR A MASK I got sick all 3 times from the dust..fun time 6 weeks with broncitis after but small price to pay for going :D

Wear really comfy and good quality walking shoes!! Dont go for fashion be comfy 3 years ago

fierygoddessJan 2008

it was amazing! I left a little sad that I hadn’t found the holy grail, though. Especially because I already know that in latin, jehovah begins with an I. 6 years ago


Since I’m Jordanian and i live in Jordan – Amman, I’ve been to Petra 3 times, it’s totally worth the trip!! going to that anciant city is a breath catching (literally :D ) colorful experience :) i sure don’t mind visiting it again 6 years ago


Petra has recently been voted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. See recent photos at http://www.angelfire.com/nt/theology/pic/petra.html 6 years ago

markovNot giving up

I just moved this to 43places. 7 years ago

yebwGet your butt to Petra, Now!!

That place is amazing. It is a little disheartening—the panhandlers, and the people chizzling of bits of stone to sell to tourist. Also, the insides smell of urine, I guess the panhandlers need a quiet place to relieve themslelves But you will leave awe stricken. I have never seen a place so majestic, so sweepingly impressive. You will leave not just stricken, but assaulted by awe. 8 years ago


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