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MMiller0601Another step toward peace in my environment

This is so simple, but has SUCH an impact – making the bed after we get up in the morning. I can’t explain it, but knowing that the bed is neat and ready for me at night is soothing. It makes my bedroom seem so much more appealing.

Note, the bed in the picture is NOT mine, but I do like it :-)19 months ago

gitana17Untitled 2 years ago

MMiller0601Steps toward peace

I realize that one thing I need to do – and soon – is clean up the clutter, particularly around my desk. I know that sounds like an odd step toward peace, but all this clutter is making me anxious and I think that ridding myself of that will definitely be a step toward peace in my home. 2 years ago

coheeriessparkSweet & Joyful Success

Last night, my husband and I hosted sixteen people in our little duplex! We made two entrees for dinner, a vegetable side, and provided a spread of breads and cheeses.

This was by far the most people we’ve ever had in our house at one time and people enjoyed themselves. There were quiet spots to chat, there were often three board games being played at one time (two on our wonderful, gigantic dining room table) and there was lots of new friendships established.

To top it off, the only cleaning necessary was vacuuming the rugs, sweeping and swiffering the kitchen, sweeping the bathroom, and cleaning the stove top. No super crisis cleaning… just a neat, ready house that I was proud to have people in. 3 years ago

FrebordI got it

I’m going to be peaceful and count on the maharishi effect.
why not collect the maharishi effect of other peace apostles. 3 years ago


How am I going to do this?

Am I going to play soothing acoustic guitar?
Praying the Our Father and Ave maria out loud?

Meditate alone and count on the maharashi effect? 3 years ago

coheeriessparkPoor Little Bird

A few days ago our landlord called, she had a service person come and check out the furnace. He found a dead bird inside the furnace, which was obviously mucking up it functioning properly, and it may have been there for months.

My boyfriend and I are in Missouri visiting my parents, and our plan is to drive back to Minneapolis on Saturday. We’re hopeful that the apartment will be warmer and the electronic theromstate will work better. Yay.

Though, I must say … poor little bird. 5 years ago

coheeriessparkLacking Peace

Yes, I live in Minnesota and our furnace has stopped working. Our apartment has dropped to 57 thus far. The fire detectors are starting to beep… which a friend tells me happens around 55 degrees at her house. I called the landlord a few hours ago, and she was extremely apologetic and would take action to fix the situation. Near the end of our conversation, the heat kicked in and so we both hoped that it was a temporary situation. Two hours later, when I arrived back home and the vents only provided cold air, my boyfriend and I decided to TURN OFF OUR FURNACE.

It’s about 0 degrees outside, but we have a space heater for the bedroom, and plan to leave tomorrow to visit my parents. The landlord has been warned that this needs to be fixed. I will not be held responsible for broken pipes or other cold related damage. At the same time, she is a very well-meaning woman who is having a very difficult month. She had a close family member pass away this week.

I hate being this cold. Long john, hat and coat inside cold is just an awful feeling. We’re so cold that even the cats sit in front of the space heaters. 5 years ago


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