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hotwire a car

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why not! something all independent chickas have to know if they want to survive in anarchy :D 2 years ago

Ray SinghMmmm NO!

well if it’s your car it’s okay,otherwise…............ but it’s not like in the movies you also have to break the steering lock, or break the panel off the column cover and manually unlock the steering lock, or pull out the ignition, much more of a pain in the @$$ that the movies make it out to be. 2 years ago


the guy thats suppost to be teachn me.. well.. lets say we no longer talk.. NOW WHAT?? im determained still I WILL LEARN!!!! 3 years ago

MelindaP69teach me!!!!

iv been wanting to do this for awhile.. im determained!!!!! i will do this SOOOOOON!!!!! 3 years ago

Rachelsoo wanna try

sounds awesome :)) but im pretty, VERY sure that it takes more than just “connecting the two red wires” lol… maybe someday when i have more time… hmmm i wonder who’s car i should hotwire… hahaha hell yeah 3 years ago

Julian GonzalesUntitled

gotta do this 3 years ago

TinaLuckyLuckHELL YEAH

Come on now, I feel that hotwiring a car would give someone so much an adrenaline, which is something i THRIVE off of. I honestly feel it would be fun. 5 years ago


I’m a quick learner and I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be too difficult. I’m just afraid I would get addicted. That couldn’t possibly end well. 5 years ago


I no longer require this skill.
I never really did. I’m just prone to losing my keys.
I’m a lot better now that I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping them in a certain part of my handbag all the time and hanging them on the hook at home.
If I ever do need this, I have people that cant help me out. I live in a ghetto 5 years ago


Red goes to blue. Blue goes to red. The car starts up and goes backwards. i think…. I saw that in a movie. I neve Plan on hot wiring a car but if i ever need to i dont think i’ll be trusting a movie. Especially The Pink Panther. haha 6 years ago

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