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quevivavivianaWhere I am now

Just want to say that I can be so bad at making friends sometimes and other times I’m a social butterfly. Like in the beginning of the semester I met this guy standing in the hallway and we started talking and joking around out of nowhere. He seemed like a really cool person and someone I would hang out with. I haven’t seen him at all until today he walked me and I saw him smiling and I said “Hey!”. He said “what’s up” and I kind of just went back to filling up my water bottle at the fountain without saying anything, so he kept going. I kind of regret it. It’s situations like these that I get myself stuck in. 6 months ago


I’m so sick of being alone all the time 8 months ago

centralpark567 no one is an island

This is an old old quote that i found true in all my life.

An island can stand alone without the help of other islands

But man, on the other hand cannot…. from childhood to adulthood and more so on the retirement ages…. shows, that man needed man in order to survive

babies needed parents to nurture them…. children needed family to guide them and peers to enjoy life…. also, teens and adult needed their peers and family to make life more easier and happier…. Furthermore, retirees needed their children to complete the fullness of their lives…

no one is an island..

parents love your children… children love and respect your parents and peers in this manner we could attain world peace knowing that we needed each other in order to survive 8 months ago

MJ WeermanOnzechauffeur.nl

I enjoyed with friends. that is why being a chauffeur, i enjoyed making friends with my guest.. 9 months ago


I’m not making much progress on this goal, hopefully the notion of a potential international move will help. New people=new friends. 13 months ago


I found an excellent one in 2012, I can’t complain, and I made another friend in the University, definitely better than in past years, I still keep the old ones sort of near, but nothing like meeting new positive people, love it! 15 months ago


I have no friends in the city I live. I have a handful of friends on the island I’m from. I want to change.

I’m trying to dig myself out of a more-than-ten-year-old hole—poor interactions in high school (being the chubby, smarty than average guy didn’t make me popular. Can anyone relate?), poor homelife and adolescence led me to this reticent identity. But I want more.

So, I’ve decided to forgive the people who in the past hurt me—for my own growth. And I’m noticing a change.

To be honest, I’m just really scared of putting myself out there. I’ve been rejected before, and it hurts. And it’s hard to face.

Actually, I had one friend until a few days ago, but I decided to end that friendship because he was treating me like I was less important than him. And because I didn’t (don’t yet) have any alternatives, I took the poor treatment until it came to a head.

I’m glad I took a stand. I feel good about myself for saying that I refuse to be lied to or lied about and that I deserve better.

So, now to go looking.

Help, encouragement would be nice.

Maybe we have some things in common and you want to be IM or Skype buddies. That’s cool too.

Dr1v3 15 months ago

SmartAssPsychicHow to Make Friends

I think this will happen automatically as I throw myself into my passions (see list!) and fall in love with myself…so I’m not going to worry about it.

I have “bad” habits, though, like holing up with a book instead of going somewhere to meet people…heehee….. :) 15 months ago

Tom AveryNot so much

Joined a few groups via meetup.com, and made a friend out of that. But need to try harder. 18 months ago



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