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Brionna Betta FishUntitled

http://memoriter.net/flash/test.html 2 years ago


go to school is the biggest tip ever u will never stop learning in this career it is also a mind set 3 years ago

Scarlett Emo Sweetbriar Do it

You know, you can find auditions in your area and send in a video or something to become an actor. But its hard to get into the actor and actress buisness stuff. Its all not a walk in the park. 3 years ago


I have always had a dream of becoming an actor.
if I could do any sort of act, I would become a comedian. 3 years ago

majo1100Need Help

hmm… I’d love to become an actress, and I think I’m able too. I’m 13 years old and speak 2 and a half languages: English, Spanish and a little French. I’m very good at acting and have a great determination for things. I can do more than acting and I think that’s necessary to at least be noticed. I’ve been acting my whole life and people say I’m very good at it, but where I live there are no acting classes. I’ve learned all I know by my own and I think that if I get a little support, I’d give all I have and become a great actress. I know I can. 3 years ago

CrazyGirl BruceRaNdOm StUfF

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This will be the title of one of my scripts 3 years ago

darlingdearthe wheels have been set in motion..

my mum gifted me acting classses for christmas! i’m really excited/nervous…now theres no backing out like times before! but it doesn’t start till like the middle of january so i have some time to get used to the idea. 3 years ago

Rachel CarwinBecoming an actress

Hi my name is Rachel and i am 13 years old. I really wanna become an actress. Because i have a great talent for it.. i’ve already been in 2 commercials…. I really think i could do this… but i’m not sure yet. I still have time, for i am just a 13 year old girl traveling her adventures through the world. I am already a teenage model for a lot of photographers… My #1 photographer would have to me my mom.. since she is a pro. I have amazing talents to do these things… im a great dancer + singer + model. Hopefully, this day will come soon. So i can move on from modeling for 12 different photographers, to become an actress! Becoming famous is part of my family! My cousin is Shane Carwin (If anyone knows him) He is a professinal kick boxer for the UFC! So maybe, if he got his dreams by earning it. I will just have to work harder to get actressing agencies after me, instead of modeling agencies! Cuz modeling can sure be tiring!: (
-Rachel 3 years ago

Jacki want to become an actor...

i really wish i could become an actor like sometime soon as im 14, i want to do like a harry potter style film to be a major role in :? 3 years ago


I Want To become and actress maybe start of with extra work.
i have been into acting and singing from a young age 3 or 4 years old.
i have been in many panto’s but have succeed at my one goal to become an actress on the the telvison, have had lots of excpeirence in acting and singing.
Hopes one day will become well known and achive my goal of becomeing a good actress.xx 3 years ago

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