remove braces

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WephI had braces 15 years and they're finally gone.

I am extremely happy.
Give me bread and carrots to chomp.
Check out my pearly whites.
Everything feels so slippy. 2 years ago

Wephreward goal!

this is an achievement award for myself, once i accomplish something else great i already have in mind, i get to do this as a reward! 3 years ago

Wephcalled today

maybe will get done this week if scheduling works out 3 years ago


how have i still not done this? NEED ENCOURAGEMENT!!!!

(and scared!) 3 years ago

Wephfebruary 8th

i have to appts scheduled… orthodontist in the morning for braces removal, and a dentist appt for the afternoon to clean things up. :) 4 years ago

Wephappt set feb 8th!

orthodontia since 1993, and these last five brackets on with no treatment since 2001, i am FINALLY able to do something about this! i can’t wait!!! :) 4 years ago


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