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Nightfun92Want to be a werewolf an join a pack

I want to be a werewolf any werewolfs live an Jacksonville Fl? I want to join a pack an become a werewolf. Any one that needs more people to join I’m an. Email me if an packs need more I’m free it’s amberl92@comcast.net thanks I want to be friends with a werewolf one day 1 week ago

ShaneWolfhartTo those seeking werewolves and packs.

To those looking for Wolves and wanna be apart of a Pack, text, (757) 453-4869. You can call but may not answer, just saying. 2 months ago

James MasseyHello!

Hello, my name is James. I believe in werewolves/lycans. I want to meet me, become 1 eventually, see 1 shift/change and join a pack. Please, I really want to meet 1. You can get a hold of me at Lovingwolfmoon18 on Skype, or text/call at 3043623823. I also hope to possibly become friends with you, so please, I am not a weak person, I am rather strong mentally and emotionly. I will tell you the truth and evrrything, whatever you would want to know. 2 months ago

KibaWPlz join my pack

Hello my name is Kiba well thats my wolf name, and i was looking for a mate. I am a female. 13. And please join my pack. If you want to be my mate type “mate”
If you want to join my pack type “pack” 4 months ago


Hi I’m Usha , I believe in werewolves n vampires , my frnds think I’m obsessed or crazy abt it, well I don’t care but its my dream to meet or at least to talk to one ,so guys who completed the goal help me out plzzz!!! This is my email ushamyluv7@gmail.com , I want to hav a werewolf as a frnd so help me out guys
Waiting for a reply 9 months ago


I really want to meet and talk to one, a really one, and see them shift. Know it’s not likely, but still want to. Wanna help me out send me an email. Shiangelic69@yahoo.com. 10 months ago


Hey werewolfs email me please ilovewolfs51@gmail.com 11 months ago


Hey werewolfs email me please ilovewolfs51@gmail.com 11 months ago

Prince_TyrantI see

Secrecy is a must i see postings about covens and people who want or have done this….(Tyranical360) Add me on skype and we will go from there….. 13 months ago

Em_C_WolfHello everyone!

Hey, I was wondering if any true werewolves out there are close to or live in North Carolina. I’d love to meet a true werewolf so they can give me some pointers. In person would be lovely, or you can email me at: emcwolfy@gmail.com. Any emails or replies are greatly appreciated. Those who have allegedly completed this goal, your aid would also be very helpful. 13 months ago

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