Find out what my name would be if I was Sarah Palin's son

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~ John Lee ~oh Flirt ? ?

If you were Palinated, what would be your name? 5 years ago

Kitty Is BackI'd be

Nixon Hailfire Palin 5 years ago

~ John Lee ~Blaster Commando Palin

Jeero couldn’t resist and that’s what he got! (I think he’s going to the dark side) 5 years ago

heaveemetalThe scenario...

You go HERE

to the Sarah Palin website thing and type in your name…and it generates a result…LOL…

So my screen name gets the result…Rope Hoover Palin

And my real name gets…Chalk Revelations Palin

Fucking awesome!!...

My life could have been so much different…;) 5 years ago


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