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shoemakerSomething moving

Got lots of reading going.

And some good references.

Maybe this time. 17 months ago

shoemakerWoke up

in the middle of the night covered with sweat b-cause of this… 2 years ago

shoemakerWhen I think about the time wasted

I truly scream!!

(My wife came running in when I screamed while I was showering; I said: Nothing to worry about… just remembered the unfinished thesis…)... 2 years ago

shoemakerset 2 meetings

1. with someone who might give me some ideas / data

2. with the prof.

so far – I haven’t moved at all… 3 years ago


5 days to write 16 pages – in FRENCH!!!! please help me god..I really need to get this masters thesis finished ON TIME so I can get back to LIVING and not ENDURING LIFE. Honestly, I’ve never been through so much pain and stress but it WILL be worth it just to see it though and say I gave it my all. reeally need some prayers if anyone fancies saying one for me. thanks xx 3 years ago


...my mortal enemy. 3 years ago

nupijust keep swimming

back to the experiment. I really hope the trends actually make sense this time. I have 1 hour until Friday Bdubs… let’s make it count! 3 years ago


I finish draft for Chp. 2, and I decided to do transcriptions of interviews since I did interviews for my qualitative research. SO, lets see if I can do something today…:S I am trying to stay positive, and its the only thing that have helped me so far. I took almost 3 weeks to finish that chapter….:D but hey Im getting there! :D 3 years ago

shoemaker2 steps foward

3 steps back. I fell behind my own schedule… 4 years ago

carpinchaMy deadline ends on March 30 and I don't know if I can reach it

Help, please. 4 years ago

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