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ninapagan3help with tattoo ideas

Hello I am getting my next tattoo in 2 weeks, I have no ideas yet about what I want. I have general ideas but I am not artistic so I cant put anything together. I want a half sleep either top of arm or bottom, so large. I am a deep person, I have a lot of pain and I want that in the ideas, but not many people know because I hide the pain so it needs to be something only I and a few people understand. I love colors, I am a hippie so I love colors and crazy things, it has to be appropriate for everyday life because I have kids, so I cant have a naked chick all cut up or something like that. I just want something unique that expresses me and still looks beautiful and also feminin at the same time. Please help :-) 15 months ago

ronandcindyi want to create a tattoo for me and my fiance'

i want it to be half a heart on his hand and half on mine, and when we hold hands it will make a full heart 16 months ago



phinasfrom me

to all ma luvas 17 months ago


I had an idea of what I wanted and drew my own Star of David. Then when I went to the tattoo and the artist re-drew it for me. 17 months ago


Ellie-May Stanley 2 years ago

conway4lyfrepresent my love for the only person that ill only ever love

i just want to design my own tattoo that represents the love that i have for my one and only as we are meant to be together forever 2 years ago


I’ve Set a goal…Im going to get a tattoo. Yup Me in the Year 2012. Thats what my goal is. I am going to get my first tattoo. I want a daisy, with my girls name, on my foot now i have to just find the design and commit to it!!!

Yeah wish me luck. Ive know what i have wanted since…Well Sophia is now 5yrs old. So Five years now, but just can’t get the design I want but then again im scared of needles so i guess i really haven’t been trying that hard….

But i really want one. I think they are hot!!

Again..Wish me luck!!! 2 years ago

Jamiya Johnsonlove

love 2 years ago


This is proply what i would get on my shoulder blades across my back 2 years ago

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