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Gopal Thapahaha

nothin 2 years ago

quickmaneWhat I Want on my chest

Fear No Man Love No Bitch 3 years ago

shaunak007my tatoo

hi.friends 3 years ago


uhm 3 years ago

Bassam Yassini like it

beatifullllllll 3 years ago


In memory of my brother Derek <3 3 years ago


i want to make myself the tattoo that i want i found some pictures and world like to put them all together 3 years ago


What don’t kill me makes me stronger 3 years ago

Shadow_The_KlownI am trying for this tattoo!!!

I have an idea of my theme of tattoo, it’s Tribal. on my back there is going to be a Tribal demon wings and above it there will be written Shadow The Klown in tribal. On my Right arm I’m getting Tribal Aries tattoo and on my chest is going to be a tribal spin wheel 3 years ago

Prince Mufuikin'manefukk u[p

i im calm and i dunn give a fukk 3 years ago

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