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watch A Clockwork Orange from start to finish

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piantaI give up.

I started watching the movie but yet the first scenes were too horrible and too violent for my eyes. I decided: for me it isn’t worth to watch ‘A Clockwork Orange’. 4 years ago

piantaI'm going to do it next days!

Today I’ve just borrowed the DVD of the library. Can I watch this movie alone or is it too crazy and horrible? What’s the best I’m going to eat while watching it? Wish me luck! 4 years ago


i remember when i was a kid i would go into a movie rental store and this movie always caught my eye for some reason.i didnt know what it was about or anything,i was just attracted to the picture.it wasnt until a few years ago that i actually watched it and now i realize why it always caught my eye.i was clearly destined to experience this film. 4 years ago


.... 5 years ago


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crap 5 years ago


COME BACK!!!! 5 years ago


help help help help!!!!!!! 5 years ago


this is an awsome movie!!!!! 5 years ago

chayseclockwork orange

its hard to find this movie and i want to watch it online! 5 years ago

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