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SpitfireshortieMy a** has its own zipcode

So I broke down and joined a gym…
I’ve even been going all by myself…later in the evening…
It actually is fun. I enjoy the time away by myself and I’m working towards a goal…so I guess thats good.
I need to get healthy…I can’t keep blaming this “size” of me on baby weight…my baby is three years old now. HEE HEE HEE.
So its come down to just jumping in and doing it. And what do you know??? I actually enjoy going to the gym. =oD 3 years ago

Kirsty KnightNew years resolution

Spend less money on sweets and get a gym membership…aim is to go at least twice a week 3 years ago


i need to start working out again..once a week is not enough. 4 years ago

eschollergo to the gym more often

please encourage me to visit the gym at least twice a week , so that I can start feeling better 5 years ago

crystal47Be more fit!

I want to go to the gym more often. I like swim especially. I can forget everything and feeling peaceful in the water. Hope I can swim twice a week. And doing cardio and weight training more too! 6 years ago


just consolidating my lists, not really giving up 6 years ago


Went to the gym today and did PB on ergo 9’36s over 2200m 6 years ago


Went to the gym today and ran a mile. did 8 minutes on the stair step. 7 years ago

rskater35as soon as i go I'll be hooked.

I just need to get up and go. I should go in the a.m. so I won’t have excuses later in the day. I have weight to lose..I also have major excuses…help..how do I push myself to get to the gym. 7 years ago

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