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lie in bed all day.

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Unless you are doing the nasty =) or reading a good book. 20 months ago


It’s alright to do sometimes, watching comedy/listening to music etc. Not fun if not well, though. 2 years ago

Amy AEven at 40...

I still enjoy this on occasion…though it’s even better if you have a special someone to lie in bed with. :-) 2 years ago

KikaIt is a easy goal...

... as I got a flu after a 3-day-nonstop weekend of parties =)
Just got lied on my bed, reading a book, watching series and talking to my grandma and my cousin. 3 years ago


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has overtaken half of my life, and while I’ve tried different things to keep busy and feel better, my health hasn’t. I’m sick of being sick and worthless to people. 3 years ago

emstratHow i did it

Well forstarters there’s good and bad to lying in bed all day, first of all your back begins to hurt and it starts to get uncomfortable. But other then that its good :)

I have done this 4 times, and i am doing right now.

:) 4 years ago

lobdidn't want to

but I hurt my leg and couldn’t walk for over 2 weeks 5 years ago

Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous SufficiencyBed Rest

I was on bed rest for many weeks with Sean when I was pregnant with him. I got bed sores and hated being in bed, as I loved being active. However, what made it worth it was that it gave my son a chance to live, life. He is so totally worth it. 5 years ago

Eric OlsenSleeping is Not Worth It

There is too much to do during the day to spend it in bed. Life is for living, not for laying around. Staying in bed all day isn’t worth it; you could be doing something new or something that you enjoy.

The more you sleep, the more you feel like sleeping and the less you want to go out. I don’t think that’s any way to live. 5 years ago


Totally worth doing!! Especially if it is raining or you have a good book to read or both! 5 years ago

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