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i really want to learn this 4 years ago


i want to learn Stenography on my own. where can i get ebooks? 4 years ago

bengraceon my own

i want to learn stenography on my own… i know it’s for my own good, it can be an asset on the future and the same time for me to make minutes of our board meeting. i am having a hard time transcribing every word that the members are saying during our meeting and because of that i cant present an acurate minutes of the meeting. i am getting scared that my bosses hire a new secretary and fire me out of the office for being an unefficient secretary. 4 years ago


i want to learn this 4 years ago

artnamarajhow can i learn~!~

how can i learn how to write in stenography for shorter period of time to conserve spaces and to write and copy faster… thank you… please help…!4 years ago


needs to refresh 4 years ago

mimichkadidoOne more...

Up to visiting this site, had no clue that i would really like to learn this :)) 5 years ago

dreambigger1209Becoming a stenographer

I have been interested in becoming a stenographer for over 2 years now. I think this career choice would suit me well because I am innately introverted. I love the possibilities that come with the job, including working in the medical field or legal field, freelancing, using the skill to help the deaf and hard of hearing. I could go on forever. I think the skill is a vital one that would enable me to reach many goals I have for myself. I am currently working on more immediate goals, but my plan is to not loose sight of this goal. 5 years ago


Am Jst a helpless Log!! 5 years ago


yup. so i’m just checking this thing out. 5 years ago

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