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AB+ 3 weeks ago


I have blood type A+. I found out because I got blood test results back. So there you go :) 7 months ago


O positive. 8 months ago

SpencerMMAlmost there.

I went to a blood drive. Which was sort of weird, but they should send me a letter with my blood type soon. 9 months ago


In order to find out my blood group, I need to donate blood (or have some kind of surgery). So I guess this is it… My excuse for a blood donation. Don’t get me wrong. I love helping people but giving blood is a horrible situation for me. I can’t say I’m afraid of the needle since I have a tattoo, haaa! But it’s just feeling so drowsy and horrible after doing it.

If I donate blood I need to prepare myself correctly. Drink lots of water, eat healthy food, stay energised,... 13 months ago

IxiiAlways Wanted to Know

I was always curious to know my blood type, but since my parents didn’t know theirs, I had no clue what mine could be. We ended up doing a blood typing lab in my university biology course, and one pinprick and three chemicals later, I know I have O+ blood. Very cool. 13 months ago


We tested for this in my Advanced Biology class in high school, but I never quite believed the results were guaranteed to be accurate. I was tested again when I first started attempting to donate blood, and it proved the test in school worked A+. 13 months ago

ddavis113Lost cause

Haven’t done this yet seems like a lost cause now. Next time I see a blood donation opportunity I will donate to find out. 13 months ago


Found out my blood type when I donated blood for the first time…3 months ago. Next scheduled donation is 11/30/12 :) 17 months ago

ddavis113Got them but still don't know

Got my medical records back from one hospital but they didn’t have my blood type on them. So I contacted another hospital that I had surgery at once to ask them. So a week later still at the same point. 17 months ago

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