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NekoOne step closer

The registration to fencing course started today! Hurray! I am now one step closer to fencing lessons. And my friend hasn’t chicken it out (yet) :D Now I just wait 2 weeks for the course to start :) 6 years ago

paisleypaigeTHIS IS

on hold! 6 years ago


I found where they fence here. I’m interested about Foil fencing, but now it turned out that the teach Épée fencing at there. Oh well. I think it’s worth trying still. Next thing is to find out when they start basic course :) 6 years ago

NekoI finally found someone

who promised to go fencing lesson with me :) Hurray! So next thing is to find where they give lessons here. 6 years ago


Here’s a terrible pic of me in my foil kit taken in December 06

I’m at the end of my second year at the University of Liverpool, I took up fencing at the start of my first year. We train intensively three times a week (although beginners only once a week for the first semester). I find (and most club members agree) that the first year is the hardest and somewhere between that first semester of your first year and your second something clicks and your ability rockets.

My advice: practice, ask for advice from the people who beat you, stick at it and most importantly have fun! 6 years ago


well an instructor taught us basic stuff in Drama 1, so then he invited the best to a club.

now, i go there every sunday. but actually i just started last sunday, and this sunday was easter, and our first bout is next sunday. so i know basically NOTHING!

eek! 7 years ago

OmnemGo With Sabre

Its definitely an interesting sport. I would suggest sabre for anyone trying it out. Its much more dynamic (fun) than foil or epee.

And arish is right, its better to start out early, but nontheless you can become fluid with it in a few months of rigorous training. 7 years ago


I have wanted to learn this since high school, and I actually researched it a bit- I would love to find a place locally where I could indulge this!!! 7 years ago


I’m still learning, but I absolutely love it. 7 years ago


It’s fun to do and quite a work out.
Personally I think it’s easier if you start out younger (early teens) if you are planning to compete.. 7 years ago

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