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go to school

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xmyhearti hate school by the way.

i might be getting rid of this goal soon. school only exists to suck money out of you. half the stuff they make you take is useless. its just a filler…to keep sucking the money out of you. 2 years ago

Sapphire Goldysouth mountain wausau

its the place ever i get to see my friends!!!!!!! 2 years ago


haha oh I thought this was about not skipping classes… 3 years ago

Tosh28I have to further my education

Business, psychology, Maybe medical. Not entirely sure yet. 3 years ago

joyeliabethmolaroand I am going to...

I wish I were starting now, but am looking forward to a few months of mental and emotional preparation! 3 years ago

lashirawhy i loove school

I love school because i get to hang out with my friends. 3 years ago


always,been in and out of school,i’ve tried 5 schools and nothing. this really is disturbing my emotions ,nowadays. but i’ve been working on my field for over 7 years! so i guess i have to be proud of that! 4 years ago

Cats&ScalesAll set.

So I was able to sign up for an evening class or two after orientation, and I’m all ready to go for when classes begin on the 26th! Huzzah! I’ll mark this goal as finished when I go to class on that date. =} 4 years ago


i am enrolled in school for january. english major. 4 years ago

Cats&ScalesStarting to worry...

I passed the assessment test, which is good, but now I have to sign up for orientation before I can sign up for classes. So that’s what I did. The only available orientation is on January 20th, four days before classes are supposed to start. I’m gonna get a crappy schedule!! D= Oh well. I suppose worse things could happen. 4 years ago

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