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Get My Ears Pierced Again


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double piercing on left ear. hurt like crazy but I love them. 2 years ago

MizHunnyBunnyPiercing Addict

Just a year ago in later 2010 I had my ears pierced for the first time. Before I had them pierced I’ve always wanted some exotic looking piercing on my body, now that I have the basic ones I’ve been dieing for more. About a month after I had them pierced by a PROFESSIONAL DOCTOR; I had sorta taken matters into my own hands because my parents still do not allow me to get any cartilage piercings or any other kind of piercings on my body. Ended up taking a small sewing needle and pushing it through the lower side of my right ear without using any “numbing” techniques. I highly recomend that you do not try this because you could very well screw up the piercing and have a permanant scar on your ear, or let it get infected and might have to get your ear surgically removed. Besides all that, I kept a close eye on the new piercing, had experienced piercers and docters check it out and it turned out alright for what it was. Sadly after all that I am still not satisfied and I would love to get more piercings. I would like to get three more on my right (two of those piercings would be arranged for a barbell) ear and four more on my left ear. Still haven’t decided whether I should get a facial piercing or not, possibly tongue. 3 years ago


They are now repierced! :D 3 years ago

writelydiegetting my ears pierced.... again! =]

fun. fast. and easy! go do it! 4 years ago

WewantsunshineSaw really nice earrings 2 weeks ago

so I’m gonna get them this week-end:-) Blue pearls on silver pendants… great looking and not too expensive…
And then of course I’ll have to get my ears pierced again;-) 4 years ago

Keelan RosaThe Great Piercing Debate

My original plan as far as getting piercings over the next three years goes was one new pair of earlobe piercings (for a total of four lobe piercings per ear), and one non-earlobe piercing – either navel or ear cartilage, never did fully decide.

My original plan, of course, was decided before one of my older piercings got crazy infected. Turns out it’s rare-but-possible to scratch the inside of a piercing when changing earrings and re-infect the whole thing even if it’s five damn years old. Needless to say my existing piercings are now getting daily squirts of antibacterial soap, regardless of age.

Tried home-treatment for a while, which at first just made it worse (pro tip: hydrogen peroxide is way too abrasive for pierced skin) and then made it better (yay vinegar) and then it started getting worse again (dammit). Up until then i’d been leaving the earring in so i wouldn’t end up with the hole closing up and sealing the infection in but after reaching the go-to-the-doctor-and-get-some-damn-antibiotics level i decided to leave it out for the weekend. Because it stung demonically every time i wiggled it around while cleaning it and the antibiotics should make it feel better and it TOTALLY wasn’t going to close up in only two days, right?

Yeah. Totally.
On the plus side, i didn’t actually need to worry about the infection being sealed under the skin, due to a nausea-inducing amount of antibiotics, but still. One less piercing for me.

Now i’m debating between the original plan (which now requires re-piercing one of the old ones as well as getting some new ones) or doing something far less symmetrical. When i was in high school i was really leaning towards four piercings per ear, but all lobe piercings on one ear and half-lobe/half-cartilage on the other. Now i’m back down to two piercings in my left ear, i might just go ahead and do that instead. 4 years ago

Explorer SoulA little iffy but we'll see

I wasn’t sure if I could still add an entry once I had marked the goal as done, but I guess I can. :)

I believe it was Sunday evening that I noticed one of my earlobes slightly red. It felt a little bit swollen and sensitive and I noticed it was stiffer as I tried to turn the earrings (both ears). It was similar yesterday and I even got my shirt caught in my earring as I was changing but I think it is a bit better today. So far I have been cleaning and turning twice a day, but this morning I didn’t get a chance to clean it. I did turn a little bit throughout the day. So I will just keep it up and hope that it heals well and withstands the test of time! 5 years ago

Explorer SoulDone!

It’s funny because I had been thinking about whether I even found that earrings suited me in the past. Of course, I hadn’t been able to try many different types of earrings but in some ways, it almost made me feel made up if that makes sense.

This time I chose a stud that I felt wasn’t too big or small. It is 14k gold and has a sparkly stone that resembles a diamond. The place seemed fine. It was a good atmosphere but I was slightly disappointed that I was asking most of the questions. It might have been because they knew it wasn’t my first time. It felt silly asking a zillion questions for a basic earlobe piercing when people must go there for all sorts of things but I just wanted to do it right. So I’m still slightly unsure about what I was told but I bought a product they sold to clean it. I asked her if I should do this once per day and she said yes but I noticed it said twice on the bottle. She also said to apply the product with a q-tip then dry with a hair dryer but the directions say to clean, rinse and pat dry (which seems less harsh than drying it with a blow dryer but maybe I’m wrong). I will try not to turn it too often but at least twice a day. She recommended a month and a half in terms of leaving it in, so I think I will try for a good two months or so and see how it feels. It’s funny but I have been sitting here and almost forgetting about it because I barely feel a thing. I was originally thinking of starting to do the turning and cleaning tomorrow to give it a little bit of time without being manipulated but am not sure. We’ll see how it goes but I can officially mark this as done! 5 years ago

Explorer SoulMaybe tomorrow!

I had followed up with the place and they provided me with the information. I am thinking about going tomorrow so we’ll see! 5 years ago

Explorer SoulA bit longer before I can say I've done this

I had not received a response from the place but I will try to contact them again in the next couple of days to see if they might have room for me this week. Looking forward to it! 5 years ago

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